Safari to Tanzania – August 2007

Here are some of my favorite photos from my safari in August 2007!                                            

Quote of the Week: Karen Annis

It is with great sadness that I write to inform you that my sweetheart, Paul Bishop, passed away on January 16th [2009]. While he had experienced some health issues prior to us going on safari in May/June 2007, we had no idea they were symptoms of the cancer he was diagnosed with last August. I am so thankful that for whatever reason there may be, that we decided to take that wonderful trip and not put it in to the “someday” bucket. And I truly …

Safari to Tanzania – April 2007

So I have returned from another trip to Africa! What a journey it was – new adventures that have created what feels like a LIFETIME of memories, even though the actual trip was just a few weeks long. Once again I am inspired and humbled by a wilderness that is bigger and grander and more magnificent than anything I’ve ever experienced anywhere else in the world, and I’m reminded how Africa truly is a place like no other – full of raw beauty and authentic …

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