Safari to Tanzania – November 2009

I’ve just returned from another research safari to Tanzania!  The purpose of my trip was two-fold.  First of all, I was in Tanzania with one of my co-workers for obvious business reasons… to visit our office in Arusha, meet with lodge managers, scout out new properties, inspect old properties, and take photos and notes to document any changes or renovations.  But I think it is equally important to mention that we were also in Tanzania to actually be “on safari”, as each experience “in the …

The rains have finally arrived in the Serengeti!

Over the last 10 days, thundershowers have been falling throughout the Serengeti ecosystem including the far southern plains around Ndutu. Over the last week we have seen long columns of wildebeest marching south through the Central Serengeti woodlands and flooding onto the plains. This is the southward migration in full glory! The wildebeest have just edged onto the beginning of the plains with the onset of the rains. Massive herds can be found all throughout the Central Serengeti with the main concentrations at Moru Kopjes and …

Maasai Kopjes – Central Serengeti

November 16th - Maasai Kopjes - Central Serengeti

Sametu Lion Pride – East Serengeti

November 15th - Sametu Lion Pride - East Serengeti

November 15th – Sametu Lion Pride – East Serengeti

Quote of the Week: Robert and Colette Sawyer

What an experience. Your selection of a guide I believe made the safari trip. His knowledge and professionalism completed the whole safari experience. As you know we started the safari in the Northern Serengeti with an Air Excel flight only to be greeted by our guide and a herd of elephants. From that moment my camera was on nonstop picture taking. Our stay at Migration Tented Lodge met all of our expectations. In fact all the accommodations were all that we had expected. During the …

Just returned from two weeks in Northern Tanzania

Its been an extremely dry year in Northern Serengeti in Tanzania Safari and the Mara River is at its lowest in recent history. The mega herds were located north of the Mara River while I was there but small groups of wildebeest were crossing (ie. walking) back and forth across the not-so-mighty Mara. The river was so low in fact even the giraffes were attempting to cross the Mara this year. The dry weather didnt seem to hinder ostrich romance, the males booming calls could be heard …

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