Safari to Tanzania – June 2010

Here are a few of my favorite photos from my safari in June 2010! Probably my most favorite safari-experience happened on this trip… when a family of 6 cheetahs came up to our vehicle (a momma and her 5 sub-adult cubs).  To my dismay and delight, two of them actually jumped up and used our vehicle as a perch!  Talk about getting up close and personal!  I’ll never forget their gentle curiosity and sweet conversation as they “chirped” to each other about the *contents* of the …

The Northward Migration Crosses the Mara River

Mara River Crossing - June 29, 2010

It has been a strange northward migration season here in the Serengeti. Last year in 2009 we saw a relatively typical northward movement with the migratory wildebeest and zebra moving into the Central Serengeti in May, the West Serengeti in June and finally the North Serengeti in July. We reported the first major crossing of the Mara River on July 29, 2009. The 2010 northward migration couldn’t be any further different from what we had witnessed in 2009. This year the bulk of the migration had …

Quote of the Week: Rhonda and Andy Powali

It was the trip of a lifetime!!! You created a safari that more than fulfilled our wishes, it actually exceeded any preconceived expectations. It was an amazing trip and one we will NEVER forget!! We are so happy that we went with ADS. From the moment we landed we were completely taken care of (as we had hoped). The VIP service upon landing from the airplane was a great kick off to a super trip. It was so nice to have the vehicle to ourselves …

Quote of the Week: Richard and Yvonne Buckley

Every dream comes at a price. The Serengeti will now haunt our dreams until we return. Thanks to the entire staff of Africa Dream Safaris, both here and in Tanzania, for making our dreams into reality. Our eagle-eyed guide, not only knew every animal’s behavior, but he could spot our quarry from unbelievable distances. Richard and Yvonne Buckley May 2010 Two hyena and a zebra they just caught for lunch.   A lion roaring… or maybe that’s just a yawn?

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