Our African Safari Journal

We wanted to follow up on the email you sent after our safari. We had a great time and plan on going again and booking through ADS since all of the details were perfect. As we talk with our family and friends, showing them some of the 6,500 pictures I took or the 20+ hours of video Mark shot and tell them have much fun we had and how exciting the trip was we always let them know that ADS planned it all. Thanks to …

ADS Guest spots Elephant in Ngorongoro Crater

On a morning game drive in the Ngorongoro Crater, an ADS guest films her close encounter with a 4 ton elephant. Listen as our wildlife expert Reggie answers all of her questions about the incredible creature standing just a few feet away.

ADS Guest films Lion Hunting Wildebeest

At daybreak, an ADS guests films a lioness as she prepares to capture a wildebeest near Ndutu Lake at Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

ADS Guest Films Ngorongoro Crater from her Terrace

An ADS guest films the view from her terrace at the Ngorongoro Crater where she’s about to begin her morning game drive.

ADS Guest Films Manyara National Park

An ADS guest films a pair of Tanzanian vervet monkeys as they feast on the grasses of the Serengeti. Close by, a baby giraffe looks directly into the camera as two adult giraffes circle their young for protection. Watch the video here:

Tales from the Bush, FAME Medical Tanzania

It was Friday afternoon. 48 patients had already been attended at the FAME Outpatient Clinic in Karatu, Tanzania (just outside the world famous Ngorongoro Crater). Four were still being monitored, on IV drips. Our Medical Receptionist, Jacob, received a call from a neighbor. His little boy had fallen into a sharp piece of wood and was bleeding from the head. Jacob arranged for little Baltazari to be transported up to FAME . He arrived with his mother, bleeding, scared and in pain. Jacob carried him into …

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