Quote of the Week: Sal & Thomas LaForgia

An African safari had been a dream of mine for many years and the ADS adventure far exceeded my wildest expectations… a private custom safari is the only way to go… it definitely proves the paradigm less is more…

Thank you! The picturesque/vastness of the surroundings and its countless inhabitants was unimaginable … the experience to go off road and view from the open top vehicle on the move will never be forgotten. The countless lions and lionesses, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, wildebeests, zebras, giraffes… I could go on and on. There was no shortage of animals from the moment we touched down in our small aircraft in the Serengeti… ’til the moment we departed. I thought you might like a couple of the pictures/attachments (we took 1254… can you believe) … I.e. Mother good morning kiss to young son… and the youngsters wetting down playfully in the mud… there were too many so I kept it simple hadn’t seen anything like these so here they are…

I’ve been on your ADS Safari distribution mailings and pictures for almost a year… after reading the many great messages, I must say I attribute the complete success of our safari to [our guide]… You matched us perfectly with him… He made my grandson, Thomas a 15 yr old, feel completely relaxed as if he were a long lost friend from the moment we met him at the air strip. [Our guide] never failed to meet any of my grandson’s expectations… they became close buds and often would go off just talking of the animals and the country… He made it a point to ensure his curiosities’ were always satisfied. He was enjoyable to have about us and contributed to much laughter. His knowledge of the animals, their habits and social behavior, the terrain, and skills as a guide never ceased to amaze me. He was uncanny at spotting game we had not even seen with our binoculars… then he would go off road and position us perfectly to observe and photograph them. His extensive and detailed knowledge of the animals and the countryside was amazing. He was great at explaining their behaviors and bringing us into their world. His patience, expertise and gentle humor made him the perfect guide! It was clear that he listened to our special animal interests and never failed to find what we were hoping for… Please say “Hello” to him for us and wish him the happiest of Holidays and a healthy and “Happy New Year”. Thank you…

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the ADS staff and your planning of our entire adventure… from the schedule to the selection of our lodging… it was just superb as were the staffs and service at each facility. The food and wine likewise surprised me and far exceeded my expectations… we were always treated like royalty. Thank you.

So many people have asked me, since I’ve returned, about my trip to Africa. I encourage them not to wait too long to take a safari and especially an ADS safari. Thank you again for facilitating my grandson’s and my ADS…

Sal & Thomas LaForgia
July 2009

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