By The End Of The Trip Our Wonderful Guide Was Family.

As everyone says, “It was a trip of a lifetime”. We readily echo that sentiment. It was beyond our wildest dreams to see this many animals in this wonderful environment. Our traveling foursome enjoyed each and every moment.

Our wonderful ADS Guide by the name of Malaki made the trip even more special. We chose to include him in everything we did, and by the end of the trip – he was family! He had an amazing knowledge of the animals and an incredible instinct for finding them.

We loved our choice of tents and lodges and found each unique and special. The food, the sundowners and sunrises were exceptional. The hot showers and hot water bottles were a great treat at the end of the day. It is a trip we will always remember, and we made memories that will last forever. We are grateful to the staff at ADS for answering all of our questions ahead of time and making us feel 100% secure about everything at all times. We will not forget!

I really appreciate all you did for us and all of the silly questions we had. We truly felt secure the entire time. Everything and everyone was fabulous. 10′s on a scale of 1 to 10. The staff, the accommodations, the food, the game drives…all perfect!

All my best,

Gerald and Melinda J.
Weatherford, Texas
Safari Dates: September 1, 2014 to September 8, 2014

We Would Highly Recommend ADS For An Unforgettable Experience.

An African Safari had been on my bucket list for some time. When I decided to seriously look in to a trip, the internet was the first place to search, since I did not personally know anyone who had been to Tanzania or the Serengeti. After pondering a dozen or so safari companies I narrowed it to three to contact. The most timely and informative response was from Africa Dream Safaris. After the second email and then a phone conversation with Dawn my decision was made to go with Africa Dream Safaris. They offered a private safari, and luxury accommodations, which I knew would make my wife very pleased. The price was not cheap, but was competitive.

Dawn was very helpful in all the planning steps, and there were not any unexpected bad surprises on the trip. Upon arrival in Arusha we were met by ADS representatives who provided all the assistance we needed to get to the Mount Meru Resort and settled in. Since we are of retirement age we made a good decision to stay an extra night to get acclimated to the new time zone before we embarked on the safari. ADS surprised us by providing a private dinner for our 44th wedding anniversary in the gazebo at the resort.

The safari, the guide, the accommodations, and the food were all delivered as promised, and in many cases exceeded our expectations. Our guide, Michael, was very knowledgeable about all the wildlife, their habits and their habitation. The Four Seasons in the Serengeti was simply exquisite in facilities and service. The other camps were marvelously accommodating in facilities and friendly service.

We would very highly recommend Africa Dream Safaris for an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. August 16-24, 2014 will always be remembered as an extraordinary time of our life. If we get an itch yet again for Africa we will certainly embark again with Africa Dream Safaris.

Dick and Diane T.
Palestine, Texas
Safari Dates: August 16, 2014 to August 24, 2014

ADS Created A Life Changing Trip For Us!

It is incredibly hard to put into words a trip that was planned over the course of a year and a half and encompassed 14 days in Tanzania. We had an idea of where we wanted to go, but simply looked at reviews for the best safari companies. We contacted several, including companies rated the best in the world and no one came close to the personal service Dawn offered our group. No question was too menial. Every response was under 12 hours from when we hit send. The comfort that afforded us was huge.

Two families (4 adults and 3 children ages 10, 11, and 13) were traveling to a continent that 6 of us had never been on before. We expected everything to be perfect. ADS delivered. From the touchdown in Arusha to the takeoff back home no detail was missed.

We expected the animals to be incredible and they were. Unimaginable! So close to so many beautiful animals and birds. Everyday out on safari we added new animals we hadn’t seen yet to our list. Animals were being added to our list that I had never even heard of.

The highlights: We had a leopard walk next to the car. He was too close to capture with my camera. We watched a cheetah stalk, attack, kill and eat and impala. We witnessed a cheetah miss his impala. The impala jumped over an acacia bush and the cheetah slammed full speed into the thorny bush. He limped away, bruised and hungry.

First day into the bush, our incredible guides Russel and Ellison found the right spot to see a Mara river crossing of Wildebeest and zebra. The lions! Multiple sightings, the last of which was of a mating pair. And I can not forget the all too cute bush baby.

We planned our trip for the animals, but the people of Tanzania created a life changing experience for us as a family. From our Tanzanian guides, to the hosts and employees at the camps, to the children we met along the roads and at the school, everyone was happy and kind. It gives you perspective about the important aspects of life.

We saw children, younger than ours, herding cattle along the roads with no food or water. We visited schools set up to improve the potential these children have. Yet, they have no water to drink and minimal food for a whole day of education. It seemed so unfair. Our son took it upon himself to start feeding the children. We would diligently stop when he felt there was a child who appeared hungry and give out granola bars and juice. Our daughter tried to trouble shoot how to get drinkable water to the area.

This is not something you can get from a book. You have to experience it. Despite the tremendous differences between “our world” and theirs, none of these children seemed unhappy. There was never a time we didn’t see smiling faces, waving to us just because we were passing.

I can not fail to mention our morning with the Hadzabe tribe. We were without a doubt in a National Geographic film. We had an opportunity to meet a tribe of fewer than 1000 people total and follow them on a hunt for their daily food. Running through acacia trees and bushes following 6 men and young boys with bows and arrows as they looked for their meal was slightly scary. We had a special guide to help communicate with them. They don’t speak English. They don’t even speak Swahili. It wasn’t scary as in being dangerous. It was just so incredibly real. This wasn’t a tourist attraction. This was their life and we were granted a glimpse into their day. Definitely a highlight of the vacation.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, was our guides. I diligently read the testimonials each week. The guides are always mentioned for their knowledge and respect for the land. Russell and Ellison blew us away. They were talking encyclopedias. If they didn’t know the answer, they found it for us. They felt like family by the end of our 12 days. The patience they showed with the 3 kids was incredible. Each child was so different, yet they had a great grip on how to keep them engaged and hungry to learn more.

There is no question in my mind, they completed our safari. I would absolutely recommend ADS for anyone traveling on safari, but if you are going with children, ADS is the way to go.

Thank you so much to Dawn, Russell, and Ellison.

Melissa, Brad, Della (age 11), and Joah (age10) L.
Boca Raton, Florida
Safari Dates: July 28, 2014 to August 9, 2014

Consultant: Dawn
(866) 457-9977