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Opened in April 1948 and finally named a National Park in 1974, Amboseli is the oldest National Park of Kenya. The landscape is covered in arid grasslands and green marshes that teem with wildlife underneath the snowy dome of Mt. Kilimanjaro that rises high in the distant blue sky. Relatively small in size, Amboseli is comprised of 151 square miles of territory. However, this park still manages to support a varied selection of wildlife.

Large predators like lion, leopard, cheetah and hyena stalk their prey amid the desolate beauty of their surroundings. Giraffe pose against the mountain backdrop and zebra chortle to each other across the dusty plains, while gangly wildebeest graze in scattered patterns. However, the most spectacular wildlife sight to be seen in Amboseli is most certainly the elephants.

These massive tusked giants participate in an almost daily march from the distant hills to feed and drink in the watery marshes of Amboseli. It is quite spectacular to watch them in the morning as they come in from the distant hills – a long row or grouping of distant dots on the horizon that gradually come into focus as they slowly and methodically march to Amboseli’s marshes.