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Are you interested in seeing lions? Leopards? Cheetahs? Maybe it is your dream to experience the legendary wildebeest migration, or you want to photograph elephants at sunrise. Maybe your favorite animal is the giraffe or zebra, or you just can’t wait to see the rare black rhino in its natural habitat. Maybe you are more interested in viewing different species of birds.

It may sound rather obvious, but one thing we’ve found from our many years of experience in this industry is that different people are all interested in different things. This of course is a simple fact of life, and it doesn’t become a problem until these different interests start competing with one another on a group safari. One person might be set on photographing a Lilac Breasted Roller perched demurely on a branch in the perfect light, while another person is anxious to follow that pride of lionesses getting ready to hunt. One person might want to leave the lodge before sunrise to see animals in their more active states, while another party wants to enjoy a hearty breakfast at the lodge. The unfortunate result of trying to force different priorities into the same agenda is often disappointment by one or more parties.

With a private safari, the risk of compromising your once-in-a-lifetime-trip to accommodate the once-in-a-lifetime-trip planned by somebody else is effectively eliminated. So why jeopardize the success of your dream by joining a group safari with strangers? Why worry about being crammed into a vehicle competing for the best seats and views? Why compromise your interests for the agendas of others? Don’t make that mistake. Together we will work to design the perfect trip of a lifetime – just for you.

Private Safari Advantages

  • Private Vehicle and Guide: No mixed groups, no competing for views with strangers, and no conflicting interests. With Africa Dream Safaris, you will enjoy the private use of a specially outfitted 4-wheel drive Stretched Land Rover providing for maximum flexibility, comfort and wildlife viewing. You will have complete use of this vehicle with unlimited game drives for the duration of your safari. You are in complete control of when, where and how long you game drive, what animals you look for, how long you stay at each sighting and when you return - it is all up to you. Your private guide will have expert knowledge about each area you will be traveling, and he will be completely devoted to your party - answering all your questions and tailoring each day to maximize your interests.
  • Personalized Wildlife Viewing: You decide which animals and corresponding habitats to seek out and how long to spend with each sighting. You may choose to focus on the predators (lions, cheetahs and leopards), the large herbivores (elephants, giraffes, rhinos, zebra, and the wildebeest migration) or perhaps a mix of species. The bottom line is that individual animal preferences are extremely varied and with a private safari you get to spend the time enjoying the animal species that interests you.
  • Exclusive Access: Timing is everything and knowledge is key. All day game drives are a must to access the more remote areas of the parks. A private safari affords the flexibility to fully explore the secluded areas of the Serengeti, which cannot be accessed on traditional packaged tours. This feature, combined with our exclusive access to certain areas, allows for the most spectacular game viewing in several hidden gems of the Serengeti including Barafu Kopjes, Lamai Triangle, Gol Kopjes, Hidden Valley, Wogakuria Plains, Matiti Plains and the Sametu Marsh.

A private safari simply provides the best way to experience the parks, wildlife and scenery of Tanzania. It offers the freedom, flexibility and choices that you deserve. A place as wild and spectacular as the Serengeti is sometimes best absorbed in serene solitude with just yourself and somebody you feel comfortable with. We feel that it would be a great injustice to deal with political niceties, group dynamics, and catering to someone else's schedule while surrounded by one of the most untamed and prolific wilderness areas left on the planet.