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Arusha Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge View Full Tanzania Map

Lodge Overview

Set in lush gardens amid forest and crystal clear waters on the slopes of Mount Meru, Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge is the ideal base for a safari. The snows of Kilimanjaro form a splendid backdrop and a sun downer on the verandah while watching the changing colours of the glaciers is an unforgettable experience. The lodge was created from a farmhouse built at the turn of the century. It has just ten rooms and provides personal service to Lodge residents only. Thick walls, heavy timber beams and period décor, impart comfort and charm. The gardens contain a profusion of trees and flowers, two hundred species of birds have been recorded. Troupes of Sykes and colobus monkeys inhabit the forest and grounds. The keen angler can try his hand at still-water fly-fishing for specimen rainbow trout. Arusha National Park is close and Kilimanjaro International Airport is just half an hour away.


We have eight garden rooms each of approximately 40 square meters furnished with double bed and a third occasional bed. In the main house are two suites of approximately 55 square meters. These share the main balcony and the Kilimanjaro view.


AUGUST LEUE landed in Bagamoyo in 1885 as part of an expedition under Hermann von Wissmann, which included Tom Prince. As an officer in the Schutztruppe, Leue was stationed in Bagamoyo, Dar es Salaam, Kilwa & Tabora. In 1887 he established a post of the German East Africa Company (DOAG) in Dar es Salaam. In 1891 rule was transferred from the DOAG to the German government and Dar es Salaam selected as the seat of administration.

In 1901 Leue retired to Germany but in 1905 returned having raised money in Berlin for a settlement on Mount Meru which became known as Leuedorf. Some two hundred Volga-Deutsch families were settled between Ngongare and Makumira. These pictures, from 1912, show Leue and Leuedorf. During the Great War, Leuedorf was occupied by British troops but Leue continued to administer the area. In 1920, under the League of Nations Mandate, Leuedorf passed to Captain Rydon RN who farmed the estate until 1954.


The Lodge is 20 km east of Arusha on the Moshi Road. Just 1.5km from the main road is a jacaranda avenue leading to a foot-bridge. The Lodge is reached by crossing the lake and climbing steps up through the gardens or by driving around our forest reserve to reach the car park. It is equidistant between Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) and the Arusha Airport, both of which are reached in about half an hour. We can meet guests at the airports and transfer them between the lodge and Kilimanjaro International Airport and Arusha Airport. KLM has daily flights direct from Europe.


Nature Walk

Explore the fifty acres of forest, lake and beautiful gardens which will reveal an array of indigenous and exotic flora and fauna. Cold springs rise in the forest and feed a crystal clear lake containing barbel and trout. Troops of Sykes monkeys and black and white colobus monkeys are to be seen in the forest. This rich habitat contains a great diversity of birds. If you are a herpetologist you will enjoy the species diversity along the lake shore.

Bird watching

Over two hundred species of birds have been observed around Ngare Sero including 16 species of herons and resident fish eagles. Over five hundred species of birds occur in the Arusha area. We offer to show ornithologists other great locations for bird watching in the diverse habitats on the slopes of Mount Meru.

Culture Tour

Let one of our staff walk you through the villages of his Wameru people. Observe their intensive agro-forestry practices of mixed farming and livestock keeping.

Coffee Farm Tour

Let us arrange a two hour tour of our neighbouring coffee farm. You will be guided on a beautiful one hour walk around the coffee plantation, then learn about coffee processing at the factory. Finish the tour by enjoying a fresh cup of coffee with cakes of choice. Return home with some fresh roasted Mount Meru supreme coffee.

Trout Farm Tour

Down stream from the cold water Ngare Sero springs is our rainbow trout farm where we organically culture trout to provide our guests with fresh fish and to stock the lake. We generate our own electricity with a hydroelectric turbine to power most of the trout farm and lodge. Let us show you around this environmentally friendly method of aquaculture.

Trout Fishing

Try your hand at still water fly fishing for specimen rainbow trout. Bring your own fly rod or use one of ours. Take your catch to the kitchen where we will prepare the fish to your liking. Our record catch is 3.6kg or 8lbs.

Horse Riding

Learn or practise horse riding in our dressage size paddock or venture along the sawdust trails within the grounds of Ngare Sero Lodge. If you are a confident rider, our syce will guide you through village and forest trails along the valleys and ridges of Mount Meru.

Yoga and Meditation

Take private or group Hatha and Ashtanga yoga classes by the lake under the forest canopy. Learn meditation techniques or just meditate in the calm serenity of Ngare Sero Lodge. Yoga groups are welcome to bring their own yoga instructors. We provide organic vegetarian and health foods. Special requests are welcome.


On request we arrange either Chinese, Swedish or healing Ayurvedic massages which are ideal for before and after a safari.


Take a sauna then dare a cold dip in the refreshing swimming pool.


Swim or relax in the 30 metre pool amid the colourful gardens of ginger, bougainvillea, heliconia and jacaranda trees, with a splendid view of Mount Meru.


Enjoy or learn to play a relaxing game of croquet while sipping a drink of choice.

Romantic Dinner

Enjoy the ambience of a romantic dinner and drinks, al fresco, under the forest canopy by the lake to the accompaniment of nature's night chorus.

Pure Relaxation

We promise you absolute serenity and peace from noise pollution at Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge. Just enjoy the natural chorus of sounds from the forest and lake.

Mount Meru & Arusha National Park

The extremely dramatic landscape to the east of Mount Meru contains very diverse habitats, from grassland through montane forest to heath and alpine desert as well as both soda and fresh water lakes. Elephant, buffalo and giraffe and rarer forest animals can be observed from the well placed hides. Over 500 species of birds are recorded.

Our drives and treks begin at the lodge by following village trails through a unique example of mixed farming practised by the Wameru people. The mid-section of the trail changes into a mix between scrub land and thick forest. At the end of this you enter Arusha National Park where you will camp one night on the lush eastern base of the mountain. The next morning you will begin a steeper ascent following elephant trails towards the crater. The environment slowly changes into a mystical high altitude rainforest with old-mans-beard draping from branches and mist flowing through the thick web of greenery. Finally you reach the crater floor covered with grass and heather opening up a spectacular view of the volcanic ash cone and a 2,000m (7,000ft) sheer rock face rising to the peak of Mount Meru.

Day Drive

We organise a full day game drive through Arusha National Park which may be combined with shorter walks on Mount Meru. You observe wildlife in forest and lake habitats. You will enjoy a picnic with spectacular views.

Crater Hike

This is a two day unique experience of mountain trekking with wildlife. Starting at Ngare Sero Lodge at an altitude of 1,200m (4,000ft) and ascending to 2,400m (8,000ft) to the floor of Mount Meru volcanic crater. You will camp one night within Arusha National Park.


At 4,565m (15,064 feet) this is Africa's fourth highest mountain and offers a unique experience of mountain trekking with wildlife. We arrange full climbs to the peak. Duration is three days and two nights. You will spend the nights in mountain huts.

Typical Set Menus

(Vegetarian, special diet and child menu on request)


    Choice of:

  • Fresh fruit juice, seasonal fresh fruit.
  • Cereals.
  • Homemade bread or toast, served with locally made jams and marmalade.
  • Fresh free range farm eggs cooked to order and served with bacon and tomato.


    Typically from the following:

  • Quiche Lorraine or Smoked trout quiche etc.
  • Fillet of trout with sauté potatoes and green beans.
  • Pastas.
  • Curries of chicken and vegetable with basmati rice and condiments.
  • Vegetarian – steamed vegetable, curries and salads with brown rice etc
  • Salad, of tomato, water-cress, capsicum etc.
  • Fruit salad
  • Fresh fruit
  • Cheese board.
  • Coffee or tea served on the verandah.


  • Soup of the day from fresh vegetables.
  • Hors de oeuvre – pâté of chicken liver or trout, or smoked trout etc.

  • Typically from the following:

  • Chicken Ballantine, with green beans, sauté potatoes.
  • Trout steamed in foil, with steamed vegetables, young potatoes.
  • Chicken tikka in yoghurt marinate with basmati rice and condiments.
  • Chateaubriand with sauté carrots and chipped potatoes.
  • Vegetarian - steamed vegetable, curries, pastas, lentils, chickpeas, Greek yoghurt, salads with brown rice etc.
  • Wine berry Sorbet with mint leaf.
  • Chocolate mousse with crème.
  • Raspberry fool with Greek yoghurt.
  • Crêpe Suzette.
  • Cheese board, Meru Gouda, Kenya Blue etc.
  • Coffee or tea served beside the fireplace