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Camp Overview

Far off the beaten path, lost deep in the untrammeled wilderness of the secluded North Serengeti, lies a totally unique property that epitomizes the words "Luxury" and "African Safari." A place of such natural beauty, elegant opulence and authentic safari ambience that the highest levels of guest expectations are bound to be exceeded. WELCOME to the one and only Serengeti Bush Tops Camp!

This brand new ultra-luxury tented camp is located near the granite-studded hills of Wogakuri Kopjes in the farthest northern reaches of the Serengeti National Park, a secluded oasis of old-world luxury that blends in seamlessly with its pristine environment. A small and intimate bush camp by design, the property consists of only 14 guest tents and a main lounge/dining tent/bar.

The setting could have been plucked from the prose of Out of Africa; rusty-gold grasslands that wave for miles and interrupted only by intermittent thickets of flat topped acacia trees and piles of blackened kopjes, all just a few miles away from the secluded banks of the mighty Mara River and directly on the path of a main migration route. The light, sounds, smells and breath-taking visas of the Serengeti wilderness spill into open-air living and dining spaces; an experience draped in billowing canvas and attended to with 5-star white-glove service.

Every luxurious detail has been considered here... from complimentary massage service, to the outdoor hot-tub on each guest's balcony, to the placement of all guest tents on the hill overlooking the western sky for uninhibited sunset views. The guest tents are incredibly spacious; the open floor plan is highlighted by a massive four poster bed, an open air shower and bath and spacious game viewing deck complete with the oversized outdoor hot tub.

For evening meals, the elegant mess tent provides fine, a la carte dining in an open air environment with stunning views of the Serengeti landscape. There is also a contemporary lounge with bar, fireplace, library and a unique wine cellar. A campfire just outside offers the perfect place to contemplate the mysteries of nature as the blazing colors of the African sunset are muted to twilight and eventually enveloped in night.

Luxurious amenities aside, Serengeti Bushtops offers an ideal location to witness the Serengeti's premier event during the heart of the dry season... the Great Migration. The setting is located near the famous Mara River, a great crocodile-laden barrier in the migratory animals' path, and you couldn't ask for a better location to base your game drives. Every year, on their northward and southward journey to find food and water, the Great Migration pours right through the nearby woodlands with all the thundering drama you might expect from over 2 million large animals!

Serengeti Bush Tops Camp is definitely remote, being the only tented camp within a huge mileage radius, and offers a feeling of authentic seclusion. Serengeti Bush Top's unique location, intimate size, and attention to detail make it one of our top picks for witnessing the farthest northern reaches of the Serengeti, and the Great Migration, during the dry season. Only one problem... the camp itself is a haven of such delight and decadence that you may not want to leave. Just don't say we didn't warn you!

Notes from the Bush Tops Camp Manager "every night lions can be heard roaring from the clusters of granite boulders dotted around the hills and valleys. Hyena whoop, and occasionally a tom leopard cough to proclaim his territory. While I have grabbed a moment to jot this down an elephant has trumpeted a few hundred meters away".


The highlight of your stay at Serengeti Bush Tops will undoubtedly be your own guest tent, a haven of comfortable furnishings where thoughtful details abound. The massive game viewing deck, complete with oversized an oversized couch and hot tub, faces a panoramic view of the western horizon, and offers the perfect place to soak up the ultimate in safari ambience.

Each spacious guest tent boasts 110 square meters of pure luxurious living space carefully thought through to the finest detail. Take an open-air shower in the tropical African sunshine or unwind in your own private hot tub underneath a canopy of a million twinkling stars. Each tent opens up to the Serengeti light and wilderness on three sides for the ultimate feeling of space and freedom.

Enjoy the little extras included here such as an observation telescope and a writing desk for introspection and journaling. Enjoy a relaxing massage in the privacy of your tent (complimentary!), or make use of the 24 hour butler service to arrange for your favorite drink to sip as you watch the sunset burn itself out into a blush of gold on the western horizon.

The common guest areas are equally pleasing, comprised of an elegant dining room, bar, lounge and library that is accented by rich textures of wood, leather, canvas and animal hides. At night the area is dramatically illuminated by dozens of candles and lanterns. A centrally located fireplace provides the perfect gathering space to exchange stories about the day's game-viewing adventures.

For evening meals, the elegant mess tent provides fine, a la carte dining with striking views across the Serengeti landscape. There is also a contemporary lounge with bar, library, wine celar and fireplace to pass the time. Close the evening in the radiant light of a blazing campfire that dances to the primal whoop of distant hyenas and the jovial hum of cicadae wings.

You will be escorted by arrow-wielding Maasai warriors back and forth from your tents to the common areas as needed.

Food and Drink

Breakfast consists of hot items such as Spanish omelet or eggs cooked to order, pancakes, and sausage and/or bacon. A choice of cereal, fruit, yogurt, granola, freshly baked breads and muffins are also available with a side of coffee or tea.

Lunch is a delicate affair, typically lighter than dinner but still a large and satisfying meal, consisting of soup or salad, main course and desert followed by a coffee or tea. The evening meal consists of several gourmet courses ordered a la carte off a rotating menu, accompanied with your choice of wine or beverage. You may order your choice of a soup or salad starter, a protein (such as rack of lamb or filet of beef), vegetable (such as buttered cauliflower and broccoli) and starch (such as pasta or new potatoes), followed by a desert (such as praline cheesecake or chocolate mouse).

Breakfast boxes are available for early morning game drives and lunch boxes are also available so one can undertake full day adventure game drives.

Special Features

  • Sleeping accommodations consist of 14 tented guest suites
  • Main building consists of lounge, bar, dining room, library, open air veranda and hearth
  • Convenient access to Mara River, Wogakuria and Bologonja and other game loops in the secluded North Serengeti region for private game drives
  • 24/7 electricity and hot water (each tent has it's own dedicated 300 liter tank)
  • Hairdryer provided inside guest tents (available to use 24/7)
  • 24 hour butler service (1 dedicated butler per every 3 guest tents)
  • Complimentary laundry service
  • Complimentary massage
  • Wine wall with a large variety of international wine selections for the most discerning palate
  • All tents face west for stunning sunset views
  • Sundowners overlooking the western sky at sunset
  • Picnic breakfasts and lunches available
  • Dress code is for gentlemen to wear long trousers for dinner
  • Breakfast 7am-10am
  • Lunch 12.30pm - 2pm
  • Dinner 7.30pm - 10pm