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Lodge Overview

Adventure! Seclusion! Wildlife! This is what Seronera Sametu Camp is all about. Not to mention stunning landscapes, wide open spaces, and a profound peace of spirit that is inherent to any true wilderness like this one. What an unexpected off-the-beaten path place for a camp! And that's precisely what we love about it!

Tucked in the remote eastern reaches of the famous Seronera River Valley and near the legendary Sametu Kopjes, lies the hidden gem that is Seronera Sametu Camp. This venue boasts a devoted staff and private chef determined to bring luxury to the bush. Within minutes of leaving the camp (or sometimes not leaving the camp at all), guests have the opportunity to witness the thick populations of resident wildlife that thrive in the Central Serengeti ecosystem. Lion, giraffe, elephant, cheetah, leopard, buffalo, warthog, hyena and several species of antelope are regularly encountered within a few minutes from camp.

Keeping in theme with Seronera Sametu's pristine and secluded location, accommodations consist of just six (6) sleeping tents for a maximum occupancy of just 14 guests. There is also the main lodge tent, which contains the lounge, library, dining room, bar and sundowner/fire pit area. Gourmet meals may be served by the flicker of candle lamps with a billion stars overhead. Spacious sleeping tents, en suite bathrooms and a comfortable bed round out these tented accommodations. Bask in the radiance of an authentic wilderness, where civilization seems a million miles away. It just doesn't get any better than this!

Seronera Sametu Camp is definitely one of a kind here in the Central Serengeti, being the only small tented camp serving as a base to game-drive this part of the Serengeti eco-system, and offers a feeling of authentic seclusion that simply cannot be duplicated. This property is all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Seronera Sametu Camp offers easy access to the teeming wildlife of the Central Serengeti - including Makoma Hill, Moru Kopjes, Maasai Kopjes, Sametu Kopjes and Marsh, Barafu Gorge, and the Seronera River Valley.

Seronera Sametu Camp was created to fill a special niche in the Central Serengeti where there is simply not one single viable option for a small, tented venue with a good location. Although the Seronera Valley is arguably the finest wildlife viewing destination on the face of the planet, the area is dominated by large hotel style lodges with less then optimal locations. Seronera Sametu Camp was hence created to provide a lodging option for guests seeking a superb location in the Seronera Valley with a small and intimate setting and all for an unbeatable value.

Sametu Camp is our #1 top pick in the entire Serengeti for the best wildlife viewing property (especially for the big cats). We think the lions certainly agree as they seem to sing (i.e. roar) on a nightly basis! Expect attentive service, expect authentic safari accommodations, expect a true wilderness experience and expect to be in close proximity to prime wildlife viewing areas. After all, isn't this why you have made the long trek to the Serengeti?


With Seronera Sametu Camp it's ALL about location! The Camp is located on the eastern fringe of the Seronera River Valley, which is virtually devoid of tourists especially compared to the high impact area to the west. The nearest lodge or campsite is over a 1-hour drive away, which means that you will likely have your wildlife sightings all to yourself. To have a slice of the world famous Seronera Valley relatively undisturbed by tourists is really quite extraordinary in this day and age. The camp is located just south of the Ngare Nanyuki River and to the west of beautiful Soit Le Montonye. Further to the east is the incredibly remote Barafu Kopjes and Gorge, which beckons to be explored.

A few miles to the south of Camp are the stunningly beautiful Sametu Kopjes and Marsh. Sametu is home to the Sametu Lion Pride, a powerful plains pride that manages to squeeze out a year round existence on the harsh Serengeti Plains, and the subject of a charming book entitled 'Lions Share'. Jeanette Handy, field biologist with the Serengeti Lion Project, spent several years studying the Sametu pride and her book entitled 'Lions Share' is the story of how the pride came into existence and the struggles the lions endured protecting their prized territory.

Though 'Lions Share' was written in the 1970s, the Sametu pride is still intact today and the great, great granddaughters of the lions written about in the book still hold the Sametu area. Currently the pride is ruled by a coalition of four resident males. This famous coalition of extraordinary large male lions is known as the "Greek Gods" (Zeus, Ares, Apollo and Demeter). The Greek Gods are often spotted together around the Sametu Marsh, which lies directly in front of the Sametu Kopjes.

The Sametu Marsh is a magnet for wildlife as it holds the only permanent source of water in the area. Next to the marsh are several wells that have been carved out of bare rock perhaps hundreds of years ago by the Maasai. The water beneath is fresh and clear and the reeds that surround the wells provide a safe haven for the cubs of the Sametu pride. The mothers of the Sametu pride often leave their defenseless cubs here while off hunting especially during the dry season when they sometimes must wander for miles in search of food.


Accommodations at Seronera Sametu Camp consist of the main lodge tent and just six (6) sleeping tents for a maximum occupancy of fourteen guests. All tents face east and offer spectacular sunrise views over the open savannah landscape. Giraffe, topi, warthog, hartebeest, Grant's gazelle and sometimes even elephant can be seen browsing within close proximity of Camp. Additionally, carnivores (especially lion and spotted hyena) are very vocal at night and their roars, grunts and other communication calls are frequently heard.

A blend of comfort and practicality, each canvas sleeping tent is spacious, secure and well appointed with the fundamental necessities. In each roomy tent, there is a comfortable hardwood bed with a cozy duvet, comfy pillows, smooth sheets and plenty of blankets. Hot water bottles are thoughtfully embedded in your sheets each night although this is usually completely unnecessary. There are 3 tents with king size beds, 2 tents with two twin size beds and 1 family tent with two bedrooms and one bath along with a separate small eating and lounge area. The family tent features one room with a king size bed and one with room with two twin beds, which makes it ideal for 2 adults and 1 to 2 children.

Each tent comes equipped with a lounging chair, writer's desk and two deck chairs to enjoy the beautiful easterly view out over the open savannah. Solar power electricity is provided to each individual tent. There is also a power strip in each tent so that you can charge your camera batteries or other electrical devices. Please do make sure you have the proper 3-pin UK plug adapter - see our useful information section for the specifics. Please note that the Camp (similar to many other properties in the Serengeti) cannot guaranty 24-hour electricity as the supplemental generator may need to be turned off late at night.

At the rear of each tent are the bathroom facilities. There is a washbasin with running hot and cold water. Next to the washbasin is a luggage rack with bathrobes, extra pillows and blankets. Each sleeping tent is conveniently equipped with an en-suite toilet and shower in two separate compartments. These compartments are accessed from inside your own tent (i.e. you do not need to walk outside your tent to use the facilities). The toilet is a proper flushing toilet as running water is supplied to each tent directly. The shower is a bladder or safari style shower and can be filled with up to 40 liters of hot water upon request. The main lodge area includes a comfy lounge tent with oversized couches, liquor cabinet, dining tent and nearby fire-pit.

Food and Drink

Get ready for serious gourmet in the bush! Meals at Seronera Sametu Camp are absolutely fantastic. Breakfast consists of a mixed buffet with orders taken for eggs, omelets, bacon, toast, etc. The buffet consists of yogurt, nuts, cereal, breads, fruit and juice. Alternatively, breakfast boxes can be arranged for early morning game drives. Similarly to breakfast, you have your choice of dining in the main tent for lunch or enjoying a lunch box if you plan a full day adventure game drive. The choice is yours - this is YOUR private safari, after all! Dinner is a wonderful event to look forward to at Seronera Sametu Camp, and it is one of few places that guests can join together for a family-style dinner or choose to dine separately. Additionally, driver-guides are welcome to dine with guests at no extra cost. Usually the mingling with other guests starts over sundowners around a roaring campfire while the camp staff arranges a feast for you in the main dining tent nearby. Once everything is prepared the staff comes out to the campfire to "collect" all the guests from the fireside and lounge areas and seats everyone at candle-lit tables. Sitting around the nightly bonfire at Sametu Camp is a highlight for most guests especially when the resident lion pride or resident hyena clan begins vocalizing at nightfall.

Special Features

  • Private game drives
  • Sundowners Roaring evening campfires with popcorn and drinks under the African sky
  • In-camp game viewing
  • 5 spacious sleeping tents configured with one king size bed or two twin beds
  • 1 family tent featuring two bedrooms and one bathroom with a separate dining and sitting area
  • Each tent contains en-suite bathroom facilities including a wash basin with hot/cold running water and a proper flushing toilet
  • The shower is a safari style or bladder shower that is filled with plenty of hot water upon demand
  • Each tent is supplied electricity from solar power and is equipped with a power strip for charging camera batteries and other electrical devices
  • Separate dining tent with refrigerator, lounge, library and full bar
  • Talented staff including cooks, camp crew and waiters
  • Inclusive of 3 superb meals a day including 4 course dinners with appetizers, soup, salad, beef or chicken, potatoes, rice, several selections of vegetables and dessert (vegetarian meals available on request)
  • Soft drinks and bottled water are complimentary.
  • A wide selection of beer, wine and spirits are available at an extra charge.
  • Picnic breakfasts and lunches available
  • Hot towel greetings upon arrival
  • Hot water bottles embedded in your sheets each night
  • Bar and sundries cash only policy; no credit card facility available

Visit the Seronera Sametu Camp Website for more detailed information.