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Lodge Overview

Adventure! Seclusion! Wildlife! This is what Lemuta Hill Camp is all about. Not to mention stunning landscapes, wide open spaces, and a profound peace of spirit that is inherent to any true wilderness like this one. What an unexpected off-the-beaten path place for a camp! And that’s precisely what we love about it!

Tucked in a fold of plain and hill lies the hidden gem that is Lemuta Hill Camp, available exclusively to guests of Africa Dream Safaris. Not unlike our Private Luxury Camp, this venue boasts a devoted staff and private chef determined to bring luxury to the bush. Keeping in theme with Lemuta’s pristine and secluded location, accommodations consist of just 4 sleeping tents and a main dining/lounge tent.

Lemuta Hill Camp offers quite simply the most remote and adventurous safari experience in the entire Serengeti ecosystem. We could almost guaranty that one would not encounter a single other vehicle out on game drives in the surrounding area. This is the last remaining ‘true’ wilderness experience left in the Serengeti where one can still roam the famous Serengeti plains like an ancient explorer. The nearest lodge (Ndutu Lodge) is about 2-hours to the southwest while the nearest semi-permanent camp (Piaya Camp) is 1.5-hours to the east far outside the park. Off road driving, walking safaris and ‘authentic’ Maasai cultural tours are conducted in the remote area around Camp.

Expect fine china, crisp linens and gourmet meals to be served by the flicker of candle lamps and a billion stars overhead. Spacious sleeping tents, en suite bathrooms and a comfortable bed round out the tented accommodations. Bask in the radiance of an authentic wilderness, where civilization seems a million miles away. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

During the day sunshine spills over the open plains, illuminating emerald green grasslands that stretch for endless miles in every direction. There are no landmarks here, nothing but green grass and blue sky and the infinite space between. Nothing, that is, except for a single hill that rises in the distance; Lemuta Hill is impossible to miss as it singularly ascends above the rest of the horizon like an ancient sentinel.

Upon approach one can begin to make out the details of Lemuta Hill – the rocky crags, the sparkling granite, the gnarled bonsai trees rooted stubbornly in the rocky soil. One can make out more hills in the distance now – rising from the flatness of the plains, gently sloping upwards in smoky blue folds of ancient volcanic soil that immortalize the memory of the great lava flows that erupted here millions of years ago.

Go a little further and you’ll find the giant monolith of Nasera Rock – a towering mountain of solid stone that ascends from a fold in a valley of sleepy hills, as grand and odd and mysterious as it is beautiful. It is no wonder this area is considered sacred, and to this day Nasera Rock holds great spiritual significance to the Maasai people that call this isolated area their homeland.

You may visit an authentic Maasai village or walk in the company of a warrior. The beautiful valley of Angata Kiti cuts through the Gol Mountains and opens up to the Salei Plains; this area beacons to hear the footfall of any adventure enthusiast interested in an off the beaten path walking safari. You may continue on with a walking safari to Olkarian Gorge, a massive cliff gorge that is the primary nesting site of the Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture, or glimpse of the active volcano Mount Lengai in the distance.

The open plain around Lemuta is a destination in itself for the Great Migration, a place where the great herds take pause on their annual pilgrimage. The volcanic ash that once settled over the area formed a shallow dust pan where tree roots cannot gain a foothold, which is the reason for the stark treeless landscape. There is safety for the great herds here in the open spaces where approaching predators can easily be spotted at a distance. The top soil here is also rich in volcanic nutrients; add rainfall to this ashy mixture already basking in sunshine and instantly lush savannah grasses burst forth in emerald splendor.

As mentioned previously these nutrient rich grasses are the main reason this area is a crucial stop-over point for the Great Migration. During the green season the migratory wildebeest and zebra pour over the open plains and devour the abundant grasses like a giant lawnmower. This feast of fresh grass fuels the mass calving of Wildebeest that occurs once a year, loading the cows’ milk with nutrition. Here the calves are able to develop and grow enough to have a fair shot at surviving the continuation of the endless quest for more food and water in the harder months to come.

This area is also home to some of the last remaining populations of wild dogs in East Africa. These “painted wolves” of Africa seem to be at home gallivanting about the open savanna and craggy nooks of Lemuta and Nasera, and a few lucky clients have been able to witness their antics in person.

Lemuta Hill is a seasonal camp, and shines brightest during the green season, when a night here has the potential to greatly enhance any adventure-lover’s safari itinerary. We really think a 1-night stay at Lemuta Hill Camp is a ‘must have’ during any green season (December – April) safari for the serious safari enthusiast.


Lemuta Hill Camp is located on the eastern short grass plains of the Serengeti ecosystem. To the west are the beautiful Gol and Barafu kopjes and to the east are Nasera Rock and the Gol mountains. The camp rests at the beginning of the fabled Gol Mountains. Lemuta hill resides just east of the official border of the Serengeti National Park in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA). Being located in the NCA is preferential as the Serengeti Park rules do not apply (i.e. off road driving and walks/hikes are permitted). Lemuta Hill Camp is located approximately 2 hours east of Naabi Hill, or 2 hours Northeast of Ndutu. This location is ideal for facilitating adventure game drives and walking safaris to the magnificent Nasera Rock, the valley of Angata Kiti or the majestic Olkarian Gorge. Also accessible from this area are Barafu Kopjes, Gol Kopjes and the Ndutu woodlands.

Lemuta Hill Camp is ideally positioned to catch the southward wildebeest migration in December and January when the wildebeest march down the plains to their green season range. Lemuta Hill is in a prime position to access the wildebeest calving grounds in the northern and eastern Ngorongoro Conservation Area in February and March. Lemuta Hill is also located in the main green season range of the migratory Thomson’s gazelles, which means you will likely have excellent cheetah sightings in this area from December to April.


Accommodations at Lemuta Hill Camp consist of the dining/lounge tent and 4 sleeping tents though additional tents can be added for larger groups. Each sleeping tent is spacious and comfortable, and can be arranged as a single, double, twin or triple. The single will sleep one person in a queen size bed. Similarly, the double can be set up to accommodate a couple or two people with one queen size bed. Twin tents have two smaller beds and can accommodate two people in separate beds. A triple can also be arranged for a family with a small child. In the triple tents there is a queen size bed and a single bed suitable for two adults and 1 child.

A blend of comfort and practicality, each canvas sleeping tent is spacious, secure and well appointed with the fundamental necessities. In each roomy tent, there is a comfortable hardwood bed with a cozy duvet, comfy pillows, smooth sheets and plenty of blankets. Hot water bottles are thoughtfully embedded in your sheets each night although this is usually completely unnecessary. Next to each bed is a handy nightstand with bottled water, solar powered lamp and flashlight for your convenience. Towards the back of each tent is a table with a hand basin with soap and water to wash your hands.

Each sleeping tent is conveniently equipped with an en-suite toilet and bladder shower in two separate compartments. These compartments are accessed from inside you own tent and are separated with a zipper from the main tent (you do not need to walk outside your tent to use the facilities). The toilet is a simple and clean chemical, manual flush toilet. The toilet is cleaned and sterilized every day while you are out on game drives. The bladder shower is quite charming, with a ceiling open to the sky, and is filled with plenty of hot water upon demand. At the front of each tent are traditional safari chairs to relax in while enjoying the setting and additional wash basins and towels so you may freshen up for those early morning game drives.

Although electricity is not supplied to each separate sleeping tent (the space is lit by solar powered lanterns as required), there is a generator used to run the refrigerator and can be used to charge any camera or camcorder batteries. If you need any batteries charged, just leave them with the staff during the day and they will charge them by the time you get back from your game drive. Please do make sure you have the proper 3-pin UK plug adapter - see our useful information section for the specifics.

Food and Drink

Overall, the food and beverages offered at the Lemuta Hill Camp are among the finest in all of Tanzania. Dinners are especially delicious and the roaring campfires, full bar and attentive service makes for especially memorable bush evenings. A stay at the Lemuta Hill Camp is inclusive of 3 mouth-watering meals a day and all drinks (soft drinks, beer, wine, spirits, champagne, etc.)
Wake up call times are taken the night before and then steaming hot coffee or tea is delivered to your tent at a predetermined time. A full breakfast can be enjoyed in the main dining tent at the time of your choosing, or you may have the cooks prepare a delightful breakfast box (to go) if you wish to have an early morning game drive. Just let your guide know the night before of your choice. If you choose to dine in for breakfast, a large spread will be prepared in the dining tent including cereal, fruit, breads and juices. Orders are taken for eggs, omelets, pancakes, bacon, sausage, hot potatoes, etc.
Similarly to breakfast, you have the choice of either having a scrumptious lunch at camp in the main dining tent or rather a box lunch, packed with care, so you may enjoy a bush picnic.

The evenings at the Lemuta Hill Camp are simply heaven! Upon arrival from your afternoon game drive you are greeted with warm towels and escorted back to your tent for a hot shower to prepare for the evening's festivities. You will then be escorted back to the main dining area where a roaring campfire awaits with a full bar of soda, beer, wine, champagne and spirits (all included in your stay.) Popcorn, roasted cashews and drinks are served by a blazing campfire under a mesmerizing blanket of stars.

At your convenience, dinner is served in the main dining tent by the light of flickering candles. Dinner is quite a serious production and consists of 4 amazing courses including tasty appetizers, hearty soup, flavorful salad, delectable entrees of beef or chicken, potatoes, rice, several selections of freshly prepared vegetables and luscious dessert (vegetarian meals are available on request).

Special Features

  • Private game drives
  • Sundowners
  • Evening campfires
  • Spacious sleeping tent(s) furnished with a comfortable iron-framed bed, linens, washbasin, deck chairs, etc.
  • Each tent contains an ensuite chemical toilet and bladder shower filled with hot water on demand - these facilities are in every tent towards the back in separate compartments
  • Portable solar lanterns to carry with you at night and to light the interior of your sleeping tent
  • Separate dining tent with refrigerator and full bar (all drinks are included)
  • Talented staff including cooks, camp crew and waiters
  • Inclusive of 3 superb meals a day including 4 course dinners with appetizers, soup, salad, beef or chicken, potatoes, rice, several selections of vegetables and dessert (vegetarian meals available on request)
  • All drinks (soft drinks, beer, wine, spirits, champagne, etc.) are included
  • Roaring campfire, popcorn and drinks under the African sky
  • Generator at each camp - you may charge your camera or camcorder batteries during the day
  • Hot towel greetings upon arrival
  • Hot water bottles embedded in your sheets each night
  • Unparalleled Service!!