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If you are planning a trip to Tanzania or Kenya, I highly recommend booking your trip through Africa Dream Safaris. My husband, niece and I traveled to Tanzania and Kenya in September for 16 days. I spent almost a year researching every travel agency group tour and agencies that would design a custom tour. Most people recommended a custom tour if you could afford it. With a custom tour you can decide exactly were you want to go and how long you want to stay for every aspect of the trip. However, that was the big clincher; it looked like we could only afford a group tour. If you have been researching Africa you know it is one of the more expensive places to travel.

I found Africa Dream Safaris through an Intranet website and they were just that. They helped me plan a dream trip at an affordable price. I paid only $200 more to have a custom trip compared to a group tour. I don't believe anyone could beat their price. I had two other tour operators plan almost the exact same trip for nearly a $1000 per person more. We had great lodging, food, transportation and guides. I had read up a lot on the reserves I wanted to visit and Michael made recommendations based on the time of year we were going. He gave me choices in lodging and sent me information to help me with my decisions. I still can't believe the amount of service we got for the price.

Because I was nervous booking a trip with just someone I found over the Internet, I did call several references and they all praised Africa Dream Safaris the same as I have. I even check with the Better Business Bureau and everything checked out. If you are planning a trip to Tanzania and Kenya you will be doing yourself a big favor by checking with Africa Dream Safaris. I have no doubts that you will plan your trip with them.

Although everything was wonderful, highlights of the trip included seeing all big-five of the animals many times, watching mother lions and cheetah play with their cubs just a few feet in front of you, watching a leopard drag a baby cape buffalo up a tree to devour, watching male lions mark their territory, seeing the crocodiles take down two wildebeests in the migration crossing. Hiking to and visiting a Maasai village, staying at the Kichwa Tempo Tented Camp in Kenya with all the animal walking around the camp site.

Janet O. Family
Ramona, CA