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Safari Testimonials

From the get-start, Africa Dream Safaris perfectly organized our trip. They told us what immunizations we needed, our visa requirements, they explained to us what we should be taking on the trip, along with how to pack lightly. For us, that was a great thing because we didn't have a lot of time to prepare for this trip. We planned to go in summer, but were told that spring or the green season can be a better time. Enough said.

Tanzania is absolutely a wonderful destination. It's a place that just makes you want to take as many pictures as possible so you won't forget how beautiful it is. From Mount Kilimanjaro to the beautiful sunsets and sunrises, and most importantly the animals - being able to see them up close. Seeing lions with a fresh kill, cheetahs on the prowl, the nearly extinct Black Rhino, or the huge migratory herds is an opportunity that only a few people will have the privilege of seeing in their lifetime.

The safari itself was absolutely phenomenal; it was fun, educational, and relaxing. When we went out on the game drives, we were worried that we might not see certain animals; then we were thrilled at how close we got to these animals. Although our game drives lasted the whole day, the experience is one where you don't want to nap or close your eyes for a moment because you are afraid you are going to miss something.

Our tour guide really left no stone unturned. He can spot the ear of a lion hiding behind the grass from a mile away! He always made sure that we felt safe and were comfortable. Everything went smoothly so that we could actually see as much as possible in between destinations. Along the way he shared so much information about the animals, culture, and Tanzania. This exposed his deep love and enjoyment for his job as a guide; we envy this.

Our itinerary was well planned by Africa Dream Safaris to meet the migration movement and a great safari experience. The combination of a few days in the lodges affords you the modern comforts of phone, internet, or even running water and electricity. A few days at camps, gives you the 'real safari' experience with jaw dropping scenery and a bit of luxury. Then, the Crater Lodge at the end; just magnificent!

We went to Tanzania assuming that we would lose weight. The food was abundant and it was delightfully prepared for a western palate. We only wished to have more local flavors for the complete Safari experience. Kusini Camp in the Serengeti and Crater Lodge at Ngorongoro had the best gastronome for us. The freshness and gourmet presentations are mind numbing when you consider you're in the middle of nowhere. Confidentially, local coffee is as smooth as Jamaican Blue or Kona and we got bottomless cups of these everywhere we stayed.

We want to tell everyone that the entire trip was probably the best vacation we have ever taken (and we have been all over the world). We highly recommend Africa Dream Safaris and Tanzania. On our return, we spent a few days in Europe (UK and Spain) to break the long trip back to California. While in Europe, we can tell you that our minds were still on Africa and how we wished we could still be back there. We think that this is a vacation that everyone should be able to experience, and it is a vacation that can be well planned, can be affordable, and be the trip of a lifetime...thanks to Africa Dream Safaris.

Rick and Minette R.
Palos Verdes Estates, CA