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Safari Testimonials

Our trip (a 12-day Tanzania safari) was fabulous. We wanted to see the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater and the BIG FIVE animals and we did and MUCH, MUCH more.

The Serengeti was my favorite and the Crater a close second. Each place was unique. We did see the BIG FIVE animals and each one MANY times (except for the rhino - we saw three of those only in the crater), otherwise lions, elephants, cheetahs, etc. got to be almost ho-hum just another lion, elephant, etc. We saw lions, leopards and cheetahs stalking their prey, also saw the lion and leopard successful in their stalking efforts.

The food at each lodge was outstanding - I had taken along "snacks" with the thought that perhaps I might be hungry or not care for the food - needless to say I gave it all away (unopened) at the end of the trip. The guide we had (Christopher) was not to be believed - he could spot the animals with his naked eye (and we had to search with binoculars). I know a great deal of what we saw was thanks to Christopher's expertise, knowledge and skill.

We had done a 4-day safari in Kenya in conjunction with a cruise (with another company several years ago) - there was no comparison - in Kenya we were usually in a "caravan" of MANY safari vans and in Tanzania we were a caravan of "one" vehicle. Personally, I think the Tanzania experience was much better.

Sandra and Rick H.
Bay City, MI