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Safari Testimonials

If there is one vacation experience we would want to repeat again, then hands down it would be the Serengeti / Ngorongoro safari we went on with the help of Africa Dream Safaris. This highly recommended once in a lifetime experience started with our interactions with a representative from Africa Dream Safaris. While our research on the destination was quite thorough, his practical tips, patience to answer all our questions and his ability to mentally take us to Serengeti before we even arrived there set very high standards in our mind on what the experience should be.

The entire trip planning was tailored to our needs. All the arrangements were firmed up before we left Boston. The itinerary allowed us to gradually remove yourself from rest of the world as we moved from KIA Lodge to Olduvai Camp to Camp Ronjo. Our driver/guide Simon was wonderful. He was respectful of the nature, knowledgeable of the local flora and fauna and someone who really seemed to enjoy the plains. The entire staff at Olduvai Camp and in particular the camp manager Manaase was always there to please us. Camp Ronjo was truly a 'bush experience'. The Stories that Ronjo manager David told us the night when we were the only guests allowed us to truly appreciate the life in Serengeti. Hyenas outside our tent added the excitement to that.

We had excellent game viewing through out the safari. At least three times we saw the kills although we had just missed the moments of prey being taken down. Even when it's only about 4 ft between you and a large lion, you cannot help but admire the king of the plains. It's hard to spot a single leopard but when you stumble upon two in the same tree, you cannot help but think how lucky you are. A Thompson gazelle's struggle and last cry as a cheetah goes for the victim's jugular vein makes you aware of the harsh reality of the Serengeti. The first sight of the Ngorongoro crater takes one's breath away. If you believe in Noah's ark, it is here! Some of the largest elephants with the largest tusks, almost extinct black rhinos, largest lions in Africa, hundreds of buffalos and wildebeest and thousands of flamingos make you want to never leave the crater.

We want to thank the entire staff in Tanzania for a memorable experience that we will talk about for the rest of our lives.

Mukta and Mandar P.
Boston, MA