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Safari Testimonials

Dear Africa Dream Safaris,

I've been very remiss about sending this email, I apologize. Eric and I had such a wonderful time on our safari that I wanted to send you a thank you. The trip was amazing and as you already know Eric is planning his second trip. He's lobbying me pretty hard to go with him but I don't have the luxury of as flexible a schedule as he does so my next trip will have to wait a bit.

Your company did a fantastic job from start to finish. We were incredibly well prepared with supplies and clothing because of the open correspondence we had with you prior to our departure. Everything was planned out so well and went so smoothly, down to the smallest details. And you handled our itinerary change phenomenally. We were concerned with how to get in touch with you in light of the time change but between you, our guide and your office in Arusha but everything went off without a hitch.

Our guide was fantastic. We so thoroughly enjoyed his company we were sad to see him go when he dropped us off at the airport in Arusha. His knowledge not only of the animals but also of the culture was unparalled. As Eric was taking role after role of film we were happily chatting away. He was never put off by our (sometimes admittedly stupid) questions and was incredibly kind and patient when Eric wasn't feeling well. I can't say enough good things about him. Anyone who gets him as a guide is lucky indeed!

Thank you also for the lovely book you sent. It's beautiful and it helps bring back so many wonderful memories for us. Obviously, we were more than pleased with you and your company. We look forward to booking another trip with you in the future.

I can't recommend the Crater Lodge enough. What a pleasure it was to arrive at this place and relax in luxury after camping. We even stopped there the day before and dropped off our laundry which was waiting for us on our bed wrapped in silk with roses on top when we checked in. We had a butler, who fixed us dinner in front of the fire. It had a great bathtub in front of a huge window looking over the Ngorongoro crater. It was a really great night, and worth every penny. I would pay double to stay there again.  

I liked some places more than others. I really liked Kusini camp after the Crater lodge, we liked this one second best. The Serena lodge was nice, but reminded me of a hotel rather than a lodge, so it was like you were in the US. Ndutu was nice, but there were a lot of people so it lost some of its charm. It also had a bit of a motel feel to it. It is in the same area as Kusini, so I would have preferred to just stay there another night instead, but Ndutu did have internet service which was nice to contact our family members which were scared about us going on this trip. We both really liked the Plantation lodge as well. It was a great little spot, and we had a nice separate guest house.

Anyway, it was a trip of a lifetime.

Thanks for everything.
Eric and Trish S.
New York, NY