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Safari Testimonials

We were afraid…Afraid to go on our second Safari as our first one was so exceptional, and that our second would not match or exceed our previous safari in the dry season. Needless to say, the ADS team more than surpassed our expectations and the Serengeti wildlife cooperated beyond our wildest dreams.

Per the urging of Michael Wishner, we did a May Safari which turned out to be one of the best times of the year to visit this magnificent Country. Although it may be considered the ‘off season’, certainly the wildlife didn’t get the email. The abundance of animals we saw in the Southern Plains and Western Corridor of the Serengeti were truly astounding with more carnivores than we ever saw on our first Safari during the dry season. At one point we were surrounded by more than 300,000 Wildebeest and Zebra, a truly remarkable sight and auditory experience, one which will never be forgotten. Our Guide was exceptional and hardly missed an animal, from the Jackson’s Chameleon, to the Leopard running through the bush a kilometer in the distance. And incredibly enough, there were but a handful of vehicles and guests on the game drives or in the Lodges, which made it that much more of a unique experience.

The ADS team was even more polished, and accommodated our every need, and the Private Luxury Camp experience was certainly one of our many hi-lights. My thanks again to Michael and the ADS team, and this is certainly a Safari adventure, which will be forever remembered.

Peter and Jody A.
Alpharetta, GA