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Safari Testimonials

Our safari with your company was everything we imagined and more. I only wish I can do it again!

Some of our highlights included seeing three lions not more then 300 feet from our camp, observing mating lions, seeing a big group of twenty plus lions right next to our car. Also at Gol Kopjes we saw four cheetahs hunt a wildebeest and then two big males lions came and chased the cheetahs away. Other highlights included seeing two families of cheetahs fighting, 9 rhinos in the crater and a gazelle giving birth where we observed the whole event.

Just to let you know, I put a couple of CD's of photos in the mail to you yesterday. They are some of my favorites, straight out of the camera. No editing yet. Feel free to use any you'd like. I made sure to take some of Stone Town and the Spice Tour on Zanzibar.

Sharon W. Family
Holland, PA