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Safari Testimonials

Thank you Africa Dream Safaris and Sharon Lyon for making one of our dreams come true! Words cannot express how wonderful our trip and all of the experiences were. From the way Sharon put our May safari all together, to stepping off the plane in Arusha into the hands of Zubeda and the very capable A.D.S. team there.

When we deplaned in the Serengeti and walked up to our guide, Peter, I'm sure he had no idea what he was in for. Among other things we taught him some, 'Texas Swahili'. He took it all in stride though and made it a great experience for us. Peter was always motivated to do the very best job he could, from finding as many varieties of birds and animals as possible to always making sure we were both safe and comfortable.

I was totally taken with the Cheetah and the herd of several hundred Eland's we encountered and Sharon loved the graceful and timid Giraffes and the little Bat Foxes. A highlight for both of us was the Spitting Cobra, which crossed the road in front of us, pausing briefly for photos. Along with the joys of the trip, we were also blessed by the way Peter, in his sweet and wonderful way, taught us to help preserve the Serengeti for the next generation.

Never having been to Tanzania we carried 'just in case' snacks. Not only did we give those away, we both gained weight. The food was outstanding and, though all of the accommodations were great, we picked 2 as our favorites. The elegant Kirawira Lodge and the Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge with the 2 rockers in the enclosed veranda overlooking the crater.

As we've tried to share our experience with friends and family we've found it's very difficult. It's one of those times when, 'you had to be there'! The one bit of knowledge we returned home with and share with all who will listen is, you cannot see and experience all of the things we did and not believe it was part of God's creation!

Gene and Sharon W.
Keller, TX