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Safari Testimonials

It is almost as difficult to express our experiences in words as it was to select the photos from the hundreds we took. Both are the direct result of the Africa Dream team. What an incredible collection of rare people, all who took genuine pleasure in making our entire experience truly outstanding. From your hands on knowledge and advice in customizing our itinerary, Zubeda who looked after us at the airport, to the Naabi Hill camping staff who treated and fed us like royalty.

Your choice of our driver guide Alex was perfect; we enjoyed his warm, accommodating personality, and his genuine desire to get us at the right angle, with the right light, to take the best photo. Alex was terrific at organizing breakfast or lunch boxes so we could take advantage of unlimited drive time, and maximize our game viewing. He knowledgeably answered our many questions, and not only spotted tons of game, but also was able to ‘predict the action” and always had us in just the right spot. One of the many highlights of this trip was a result of Alex’s ability to ‘talk” to the animals. His pre-dawn, up close conversation with an adult male lion made our hearts quicken, and lead to a spirited interaction with several other lions including a mating pair. The sight of the steam created by each roar in the crisp morning air, along with the feel of the sound vibrating in your chest is one memory we will have forever.

Each day brought something wonderful, ancient rock formations, brilliant birds, standing in awe and watching tens of thousands of wildebeest wander across the endless plain, lions in trees, warthogs playing in the mud, ostriches and giraffe by the dozen, fresh wounds on a zebra and her colt from a close call with a lion, the rhino that walked within feet of us to get a drink- then back again, the spectacular sunsets, and popcorn around a campfire with millions of stars are just a few that come to mind.

Because our first Africa Dream Safari was so amazing, we had high expectations of this our second safari, and we were not disappointed. Asante Michael, for managing all the details, your individual attention and great team has us already planning for our next trip!

Greg, Cheryl and Kelsey S.
Regina, Canada