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Safari Testimonials

We have just returned from our March safari with Africa Dream Safaris. We cannot speak highly enough of amazing time we had! It was a perfect vacation, and there is nothing we would want to do differently (other than stay longer). March was a wonderful time to visit. It was the start of the rainy season, but we only had a few rains around 3.00pm in the afternoon. There were virtually no mosquitoes, and there was an abundance of baby animals of every variety! Plus, we were able to see the zebra and wildebeest migration. I would recommend a March safari to anyone.

Everything you have read about ADS is true. They had someone meet us on the tarmac, and from that point on, we were treated like royalty. Even though we'd read that, we could not have comprehended the level of service provided to us on this trip. It was so nice we almost felt guilty! Sitta, our driver guide, checked us into the hotels while the staff served us drinks and gave us hot towels immediately upon arrival. They wait on you hand and foot and are constantly asking whether you need anything.

The game-viewing and Sitta were amazing. He could spot a cheetah lying in the grass from about 300 feet away and see an elephant from what seemed to be miles away! His knowledge of animals and the Serengeti was incredible, and there were days when for 11 hours we wouldn't see another car the entire time. In fact, when we arrived at the Serengeti Visitor's Center, we were thrilled to find Sitta pictured in most of the photographs because of his experience working with wildlife in the Serengeti! Furthermore, on several occasions, we actually had drivers from other safari companies ask whether they could follow us, and then the passengers would thank Sitta for helping them see animals!

On several occasions, we told him we were ready to move on, but he advised we wait, so that we may observe unique behaviors (such as a gazelle giving birth, a cheetah taking down a gazelle and feeding it to her six babies, an elephant taking down a tree, or an elephant charging our car). His knowledge of animal behaviors allowed us some of our most exciting viewing moments.

The highlight of our trip was the Private Luxury Camping. The service was wonderful, and the food was phenomenal. We ate until we felt like we were going to explode. The first night we were in our tent, wondering why it was so quiet outside, when other reviews we had read talked about hearing lions roaring and hippos grunting. Not 10 minutes later, we heard a lion grunting and roaring inside our camp. As we waited quietly, the lion started drinking out of the water basin right outside our tent. You cannot imagine the thrill of knowing a lion is five feet away from you with only a tent flap to protect you! Adding to the experience, Sitta found the pride of lions the next morning (less than 500 feet from our camp!), and we were able to see the lions that had roamed around our tents the night before. We also came upon a lion pride with babies, and one of the females took a nap in the shade of our car while we watched her babies play. She was so close we could have reached out and petted her!

The vacation was perfect from start to finish, and ADS took care of us and every detail exquisitely. We didn't have to lift a finger, unless it was to feed ourselves! We would love to go on another safari through ADS in the future, and I highly recommend the company to anyone considering a safari.

Jessica and John B.
Dennis and Evelyn M.
Falls Church, VA