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Safari Testimonials

Although Africa Dream Safaris is the only safari company that we have had the utmost pleasure of using to assist us in planning our safari, there is absolutely no other company that we’d rather have planning another safari trip with! They will ensure that you will have the best time of your life enjoying beautiful Tanzania, East Africa!

We were able to find this company as they were mentioned (very positively) numerous times on private blogs as well as photo forums mentioning their spectacular service and seemingly limitless ability to customize your very own safari experience.

Africa Dream Safaris took care of everything, from speeding us through the airport once we landed in Tanzania (they even take care of the entire Visa process as well as helped us coordinate our entire 8-day trip). Dawn Anderson was our initial guide in booking everything and was quick to respond with all of our questions up to our departure from the US…this specialized service was only the start - what service!!

Upon arriving at Kilimanjaro airport, we were greeted with a friendly hostess (Zubeda) who provided us with bottled water, assistance with our bags, as well as a very detailed update on what was planned for us ahead. She was mindful on our state of mind (whether we were too exhausted to comprehend, or if we were in the mood to pay attention) and we were also greeted at our first lodge with chilled towels and fruit juice after an exhausting and long flight (this was so lovely)!

Our personal driver (Wilfred Fue) was the most amazing person! We discovered so many animals (some rare ones too) and were usually the first ones to arrive on a lion pride scene, etc. 85% of the time with front row seats! Although the most wonderful part about ADS is that you can customize your trip, our driver was good to point out tentative itineraries with which we could adjust based on our interests for that day, or weather permitting as well. Wilfred not only pointed out wildlife, but plant species, reptiles, and insects. It was as much a cultural trip about Africa and it’s people as it was an animal life safari. Our already high expectations were just completely blown away each and every day we were driving. Even with some sporadic rains, we had completely amazing days that continued to get better and better.

Each day we would start the day entering our clean Land Cruiser (Wilfred washed the inside floors and wiped down the windows even after the entire vehicle got swamped with mud) and we all headed out with a box breakfast and lunch in tow (eating out on the game drives enabled us to see more and get early morning glimpses of the cats). Wilfred was always mindful of great photography positioning making sure both the lighting and viewing were optimal. Our safari was truly a lot of fun and mostly in part to our driver, Wilfred, especially since he was very friendly, funny, and a great teacher – we feel as we all became good friends by the end of our trip and will be asking for him again.

I am already recommending Africa Dream Safari’s to my co-workers and friends and am also sharing all the pictures we took on our trip! I think the best part about Africa Dream Safari’s is that you’re able to customize your own trip, you’re able to travel with your own party and are not restricted by timed itineraries, etc. and with such a great and knowledgeable driver, we also did not feel that we were missing out on anything by not being on a structured itinerary (we would often watch animals for several hours at a time, but consistently saw a wide variety of animals (sometimes even rare species) every single day!

I also liked the fact that we had a binder which contained very helpful and useful information at a quick glance (phone numbers, etc.) as well as information to help prepare us for our trip out to Tanzania (I hate traveling unprepared, as I’m sure any traveler does).

All in all, I have to say that everything was truly magnificent and extremely well put together with practically zero complications! Africa Dream Safari’s made sure to take care of everything quickly and efficiently (in such short notice too) and helped make our vacation so much more memorable!

We are very eager to visit Tanzania again soon and owe a special thank you to Africa Dream Safari’s and their caring, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff who enabled us to have such a fabulous time, we will most certainly utilize and recommend their services again!!

The lodges that they booked for us were also very accommodating and very lovely as well! We were consistently amazed at the places we stayed at and can’t say we were disappointed at all! Our favorites were the Private Luxury Camp, Kusini Lodge, Bougainvillea, and (albeit short visit) Kia Lodge at the end to shower and clean up before our flight home (another very nice perk to have included).

Warmest Regards,
Garrison and Dana W.
Sean O.
Sunnyvale, CA