I can summarize the whole trip as OUTSTANDING! I've told so many stories to so many people since we've is like I relive a little piece of it every day. Here are some of our favorite parts:

1. The animals, all of them, everywhere. No amount of explaining can prepare you for the variety and shear numbers of animals. The big cats were certainly the draw, but personally I liked the little jackals and elephants and Diana was ALL about giraffes!

2. The Maasai village: While a bit uncomfortable at first, it turned out to be great experience. The main guide spoke great English so that helped. He was very informative. Their way of life is so amazing, strange and different yet enviable and inspirational. It was worth the stop.

3. The Camping Experience: The private luxury camp was a perfect addition to the trip. Rustic enough to shake up the luxury lodges, but really the best food of the entire safari part of the trip. I was a bit concerned as we were driving out into the middle of no where the first day, but seeing MANY groups of lions told me we made the right decision. I would highly recommend to anyone as a way to offer something different into the experience.

4. Fumba Beach Lodge & Zanzibar: A perfect end to a trip. Cultural, relaxing, natural. Fumba Beach was exactly what we were looking for... not too big, not too small. The food was AWESOME. We have never, and I mean never, eaten at the same place 3 nights in a row!

5. Our guide: David was truly a top notch guide. He was very, very good at spotting the animals. He explained things thoroughly, answered my never ending questions, and really treated us well. Our safari was so amazing because of David, please send our sincere thanks to him.

6. Mbalageti Lodge:   Between you and Sofia, the start of the trip was really the most amazing part. The Sunset Presidential Suite was unreal, I could hardly contain myself when we walked in the room. I think it was bigger than our house! We REALLY enjoyed the private deck and the outdoor tub as well. But the highlight of the stay was the engagement dinner. It went off so well and was SO AMAZING, I honestly don't know what else to say. I really do owe you for that one...not that a camping proposal didn't have potential, but believe me when I say it will be a story we tell our grand kids someday thanks to you. Thank you Michael!

So now we are back home and knee deep in wedding planning and getting caught up on everything. While the trip seems so long ago already, I wanted to take a moment to stop and say thanks. Diana and I have traveled all over the world, but I can truly say this was the most memorable trip of our lifetimes.

Thanks again.

Trent S. and Diana B.
Apple Valley, MN