Thank you ADS for a fantastic adventure. Right from the beginning we knew we were in capable hands. Along the way, we met or dined with travelers from throughout the world. Quickly we realized that we were better prepared by ADS guidance. Others had inconveniences and difficulties, but we were prepared and had the best safari. We received royal treatment at each of the air and ground connections, while hundreds of others waited in long lines for their Visas.

From the Private Luxury Camp with wildebeests and hyenas all around us, to the lions roaming the grounds at Kirawira Tented Lodge, with wild genets walking around dining tables at Ndutu Lodge, to buffalo and elephant at the pool and grounds at Ngorongoro Sopa, each lodge gave us a unique thrill. We would have loved to spend more time at Arumeru River Lodge and Plantation Lodge. We were always undisturbed and felt real privacy when we wanted it.

Each of the conservation areas we visited presented us truly up close wildlife viewing. We never knew what to expect around the next turn or tree. We have many extraordinary photos and film clips, even an adult wildebeest kill by a solo hyena in the Ngorongoro Crater.

We were filming a serene scene on the Grumeti River when the feel of an earthquake and the sound of the thunder of hooves gave us our first wildebeest crossing. The crocodiles waited like a line of New York taxis to get their fill. Rising early is the best recommendation.

Leaving Ngorongoro Sopa lodge at 6:00 am we met 2 Masai boys on the dirt road near the lodge. Forty yards behind them was a stalking, huge male lion. We don't doubt that we interfered with his plan for breakfast. He turned about and we followed him down the road where he greeted 2 other large, male lions. As we arrived at the gate, to descend in to the crater, the official was hiding in a truck. He said when he came to work, the 3 lions were sleeping in his guard house for warmth from the night temperatures on the crater rim. One was five feet behind him as he ran to his truck. This was all before the day even started and we entered the crater.

We talked with other tourists at dinner and later on Zanzibar, and they didn't see as much or have as much fun as we did due to our custom itinerary. We were very pleased with the additional options we selected: the balloon ride over the Serengeti, the private luxury camp, and the beach resort on Zanzibar.

From the effervescence of Zubeda, to the extreme wildlife, behavioral knowledge of our driver-guide, Alex Lyimo, to the service and courtesy of the private luxury camp team (Dick) each and every one of them is dedicated to keeping the highest standards of quality, courtesy and hospitality.

Karen and Paul A.
Worcester, MA