We would like to thank you and all of the staff at Africa Dream Safaris for making our first African experience so wonderful. We were awestruck at every turn - each location brought new sights and adventures. We appreciated the meticulous attention to detail - from the planning stages, through the local staff in Tanzania who met us in Arusha and immediately made us feel welcome, and throughout our exceptional safari.

We were especially interested in exploring the birdlife and our guide Sitta far exceeded our expectations by introducing us to over 140 new species of birds. We also enjoyed learning about the many kinds of plants and animals native to Tanzania and their relationship to the people and environment. At each of our overnight accommodations we were greeted warmly and treated to delicious meals, gorgeous scenery, and helpful staff.

The opportunities to meet and visit with individuals from several different cultures made our experience truly authentic. The balloon safari and walking safaris provided us the chance to see the wildlife from a different perspective. We would highly recommend Africa Dream Safaris to anyone considering a trip to Northern Tanzania.

P.S. Here is a funny story about the elephants and the cake on the last night of our safari!

Our last night on safari we arrived at Kikoti Tented Lodge in the late afternoon. We got checked in and were in tent # 18, the furthest out from the lodge. As the porters were carrying our luggage, one suddenly says "Tembo Tembo Tembo" and points down the path. We thought - "oh cool, elephants". They, however, seemed concerned. Then we realized just how close to the path they were. There was a young one just a few feet to one side of it. So we "quietly" cut through underbrush and behind some of the other "tents" to safely reach ours.

We then hid in the "tent" watching the elephants and the sunset until security arrived and threw apple-like fruits at them and they wandered off. We were then escorted back to the lodge where we were late meeting up with Sitta (he had already heard of our encounter) to review our travels on the map. After a lovely dinner we skipped dessert and went back to the bar-area for another glass of wine and to write in our journal. A few minutes later two waiters arrived carrying a cake.

We thought - "you must have the wrong couple" until we read the message on the lovely bright green cake: "Good Bye - Africa Dream Safaris". Madeline stopped by and seemed very amused that the chefs were able to create such a green. We had two large pieces and then asked the staff to share the rest with the other guests and to help themselves as well. And thus ended the last evening of our first trip to Africa.

Jeff and Madeline P.
Chicago, IL