I can't express in words how great Africa Dream Safaris was and how pleased we were with every detail of our trip. All the accommodations were lovely and the private luxury camp was amazing and so much fun. The way the vehicle was set up and outfitted was outstanding. Our guide couldn't have been any better.  The whole experience was one of the best of my life. I simply can't say enough good things. A FANTASTIC TRIP!

Our trip went off without a hitch. From getting to the airport and being handed our VISA's, to each hotel stay, to the time we left, we felt completely taken care of. Africa Dream Safaris took care of everything and we didn't have a care in the world except what we were going to see next.  We adored our guide, he didn't miss a thing. It seemed like other people could drive right by something amazing but our guide saw it all. Just a few hours after flying into the bush we saw cheetah, hyena, zebra, ostrich, giraffe, elephant, gazelle, lion and wildebeest. We were in the middle of the wildebeest migration and were overwhelmed by the number of animals as far as we could see.

One of the main things that made us know that Africa Dream Safaris was the right choice, was watching the other outfitters. Their vehicles were so full it looked hard for the passengers to move about the car, just the opposite for us we had plenty of room to move around. We also noticed that their days out on game drives were not as long as ours were. They would only drive for a limited amount of miles and stayed on the roads everyone else traveled. Reggie, our driver/guide, would keep us out as long as we wanted and we would go places and see amazing things without several other vehicles around.  We saw a pride of thirteen lions on a kopje and didn't see another car for 3 hours.  We saw 2 different leopards in trees right next to the road and it was just us.  Our guide really went out of his way to give us a natural and honest experience.  He was SO knowledgeable about the wildlife, the birds and the environment. In addition, he was one of the nicest people I have ever met.  He was fun and funny which made the experience even better.

One of our favorite days was when we went looking for cheetah. We saw 15 cheetahs in one day, 9 or them were babies. We saw 3 one month old babies playing with their mother. Then we saw another mother with 6 two month old babies. It was a bit hot so they went under our vehicle for shade! They ended up sitting on our wheels and every time I stuck my arm out to take their picture they growled at me. Not ever feeling hurried for time we watched them for about 2 hours.

We drove with the ostriches running next to our vehicle. We got charged by a bull elephant. We were 10 yards away watching a male lion roar. We were next to elephants when they trumped. We saw giraffes run. We got so close to zebra I could have pet them. We saw lions, cheetahs, and even hyena hunting. We saw baby cheetah playing. We were in the middle of the wildebeest migration. We ate lunch next to a pride of 13 lion. We saw a leopard in a tree eating a gazelle.  We saw a monitor lizard catch a fish. We saw a female rhino with a tiny baby and 12 total rhino during our trip. We saw hundreds of beautiful birds. We saw hard animals so see like an aardvark and a caracal cat. WE SAW IT ALL, we did it all, we loved ever minute of it!

Our trip to Tanzania was something that I will carry in my heart forever. The people were amazing friendly, the landscape was breathtaking and seeing so many animals was completely unbelievable.

Kari and Mario M.
Sacramento, CA