I don’t think there are enough correct words in the English language to aptly describe our trip. It was the most amazing, exciting, exhilarating vacation we’ve ever experienced. Correction, it was not a vacation, it was an adventure!Tanzania is a beautiful, beautiful country.And the Tanzanian people are wonderful.

I am having a difficult time putting it down in words, but we were so overwhelmed by everything we saw and the places we stayed. On our way to The Mbalageti Tented Lodge we saw a HUGE herd of wildebeest take off running through the tall grass. There must have been hundreds of thousands! The sound of them running through the tall grass was amazing. It took our breath away. We saw every animal we could think of and some we never knew existed. To see these animals in their own environment is something we will never forget.

The accommodations were incredible. Who knew! We loved The Mbalageti Tented Lodge, our suite was amazing, wonderful, perfect. The Private Luxury Camping is an unbelievable experience. The day we left The Mbalageti Lodge and game drove all day to the Private Luxury Camp was a very eventful day. We saw lions lunching on a freshly killed wildebeest, a leopard, the zebra pool, lions in the tree, giraffes, elephants, hippos, crocs, so much. Then the clouds came in, it poured rain only to be topped off by a full rainbow over the plains.

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, our driver pulls up to the private luxury camp. Unbelievable. We are still in awe of the luxury of the private camp. AND, all that work for just the 2 of us! I can’t praise highly enough the staff. All of them were so concerned for our comfort and making sure we had everything our hearts desired. The food was very delicious and service was beyond belief. I just still cannot get over it! I was so overwhelmed by the day that once we got into bed that night I couldn’t help the few tears that came to my eyes.

The Crater Lodge. It’s just unbelievable. Now I realize I’ve used that adjective frequently but really, it IS unbelievably beautiful.What an experience. We loved, loved, loved the Crater Lodge. The section we stayed at was the tree section and the dining room with the tree in the middle of it is something else. What luxury. The second night there we had dinner in our room. After a full day in the crater we were tired and dusty when we arrived at our room. Thinking we weren’t sure if we had the energy to get cleaned up and go to the dinning room, there was a surprise in store for us. We walked into our room and the first thing we saw was the tray on our bed with an open bottle of wine and 2 crystal wine glasses surrounded with rose petals. A table set with china, candles ready.As we took off our backpacks and set them on the floor we then noticed the sunken tub overlooking the crater had been filled to the top with hot water with a frosting of bubbles. Candles at the ready along with slippers, towels and robes. On the floor towels a heart shaped out of rose petals with additional rose petals all around. Again, I was so happy I could have cried! We had the most lovely evening!

We absolutely loved our trip and feel that our guide contributed greatly to our experience. We owe a debt of gratitude to Wilfred Fue. His knowledge and attention to detail MADE our trip.I don’t think there’s anything he doesn’t know about animals and their habits and quirks. Our heartfelt thanks go to him. We came to know him as a friend and in the process found out that his wife is a teacher. We promised to send school supplies to her and we were wondering if it was possible to send a package to him care of your office in Tanzania.

I have attached some photos, hope they come through. It is very difficult to pick which to send, I took over 2500!We cannot thank you enough for the experience we had and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending ADS to anyone. It is our belief that Africa Dream Safaris is the ONLY Company to go with.

With our sincerest gratitude,
Vicki and Don K.
Simi Valley, CA