I have made it home safe and sound. The trip was wonderful and a great success. Besides seeing eight Rhinos, I also saw five leopards, yes FIVE!

My guide was great and we had a fabulous time together. He was a great guy and really knew his stuff. I told him that I was going to tell you of his magic wand. Every day we went out we had certain animals we were going to try and see. As we would go out across the Serengeti he would suddenly make a change in direction and as we would come over a crest, behold there was our quarry. The last day in the crater as we were leaving and we hadn't seen the leopards there. Then suddenly again we make a turn and there before us are three leopards that had just made a kill and were eating a Gazelle not 30 feet from the track. 

I have all the pictures done and, as a matter of fact, have shown then at work on a1 hour lunch show twice and they are asking for a third showing. Of course I could only show the prime 200 of the 850 pictures. I will be sending you a couple of CD's of all the photos (digital and scanned in 35mm) . You have my permission to use them as you please. I have numerous people at work now talking "Safari" next year with their families . 

Thanks again and I want you to give high marks to my guide, he was GREAT! Your group and organization really provide an excellent service and package design. 

Bill M.
Tucson, AZ