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Lodge Overview

Like watercolors on canvas, sunset drenches the western sky in a brilliant crimson wash. Shadows grow long as an action packed day on safari draws to a close. Thoughts of a comfortable bed and warm shower weigh heavy on your mind as your land rover rumbles into the entrance at Migration Tented Lodge. Immediately you notice something is different and special here, an intangible ambience that radiates from the beauty of your natural surroundings, the smiling faces of the staff, and the warm glow of candle-lamps in the distance. You stroll across the long wooden bridge that forms a clear path to the tented affair that is Migration Tented Lodge.

Migration Tented Lodge , also known as Serengeti Migration Camp, offers an excellent location from which to base your game drives in the Northern Serengeti. And it does so with style.

At once you are greeted with open arms by the Lodge managers who seem like long lost family, welcoming you home. You are promptly swept away for a tour of the main Lodge facilities. Captivated by first impressions, frankly you can't wait to see more. You gaze upon the rich leather furnishings and exotic décor, which are illuminated by warm candle lamps and the dying sheen of sunset. You catch a whiff of sweet cigar smoke mixed with the heady aroma of a nearby bonfire, where a mingling of other guests are enjoying sundowners. The personality of this Lodge is one of unpretentious luxury, captivating elegance, and authentic African style. You continue to take it all in - the turquoise pool, the mahogany bar, the flickering bonfire, and the breath-taking view of the surrounding woodlands from the elevated deck. There is poetry everywhere. But the real treat comes when you are escorted to your own private sleeping quarters.

As soon as you walk through the intricately carved walkway and cathedral style wooden doors, you know you are in for something special! And you are right. THIS is where safari meets civilization, in a big way! The spacious accommodations are filled with every luxury imaginable. Rich tones of mahogany wood blend with khaki canvas and authentic zebra prints. An inviting balcony dons two safari chairs over the Grumeti River, which is tempting you to kick up your feet and relax in these world-class accommodations. Your eyes linger on the spacious shower and plush bed - both of these amenities are softly calling your name. Part of you can't wait to sink into sweet safari dreams, surrounded by the whimsical grunts of hippos in the dark river below. But first, there are sundowners to be had. A delicious dinner to savor. Stars to be counted, stories to be told, and memories to be made! Sleep can wait... after all, you are living the ultimate safari dream right now !

Migration Tented Lodge was completely refurbished and reopened on September 28, 2004. Accommodations consist of just twenty luxurious suites under canvas tucked along the Grumeti River and a well-appointed lounge and dining area perched high above on a hilltop. Intimate accommodations, great food, friendly service, entertaining hippos and an authentic bush feel combine to form the ideal place from which to explore the remote and wild Northern Serengeti. The only downside with Migration Camp is that it is a long walk from your tent to the dining and reception area including a steep set of stairs (approx. 45 steps). But even those steps add to the beauty and appeal of the Migration Camp, allowing the main Lodge, pool, dining and common area to have spectacular and relaxing views.

Migration Tented Lodge is recommended during a portion of the dry season from early July through late November when wildlife viewing is at its best in the North Serengeti. The late dry season months of September, October and November are the absolute best times for a stay at Migration Camp. During these months, the great migration will be in full swing and over a million wildebeest and zebra will be thundering through the North Serengeti culminating with the infamous Mara River crossing.

The scenery around Migration Camp is stunningly beautiful. It is of stark contrast to the open Serengeti plains further south. The topography consists of gentle rolling hills, acacia tree woodlands and large granite outcrops. The area also supports a good amount of resident wildlife including lion, cheetah, leopard and hyena. You will likely encounter few other visitors out on game drives but rather miles upon miles of pristine wilderness. Wildlife viewing in the Northern Serengeti is more raw and wild as compared with other areas of the park and we think it's a little more special.

Migration Tented Lodge sits on the banks of the Grumeti River, so you can usually hear the comical voices of hippos singing in the night. It is close to the Lobo area for great wildlife viewing, and also is in a great location for game driving to the border of Tanzania and Kenya in the Northern Serengeti and crossing the Mara River for a more off the beaten track safari.

Migration Camp is owned by Sopa Hotels thought the camps brand name is Elewana Afrika. Elewana Afrika is a brand of luxury camps and Lodges in Northern Tanzania encompassing the Migration Camp, Tarangire Treetops and the Arusha Coffee Lodge.


Migration Camp (elevation 5,410 feet) is located in roughly the center of the Northern Serengeti. Situated on a large ridge above the Grumeti River, the Lodge offers commanding views of the surrounding landscape. Approximately 25 miles to the north is Kenya and the Masai Mara National Park. The border has been closed since 1977 and you are not allowed to drive into the Masai Mara from the Serengeti. The Central Serengeti, specifically Seronera, is located about 30 miles to the south.

There are only a few other Lodges (Lobo Wildlife Lodge, Klein's Camp, and Buffalo Springs) in the entire northern Serengeti and two of those (Klein's & Buffalo Springs) actually reside just outside the official park border. Lobo Wildlife Lodge is located to the southeast and is about a 1-hour drive away at game drive speed. Klein's Camp and Buffalo Springs are both situated about 1.5 hours to the northeast. Accordingly, the area surrounding Migration Camp is wonderfully remote and you will have the majority of this vast wooded wilderness to yourself.


The main Lodge at Migration Camp is set on a hilltop and includes the lounge, bar, library, swimming pool, fire pit and dining tent. All of these areas have glorious views out over the woodlands. The surrounding vegetation is heavily wooded but you can usually see a few animals including baboons and if your lucky the wildebeest migration pouring through. The lounge and bar area, set with plush furnishings, is among the coziest in Tanzania.

Sleeping accommodations at Migration Camp consist of 20 luxury suites under canvas on elevated wooden platforms. There are 12 doubles (1 queen size bed), 7 twins (2 twin beds) and 1 honeymoon suite. The doubles can be converted to triples to accommodate two adults and one child. The Migration Camp tents are pleasantly spaced along the Grumeti River assuring relative privacy with numbers 1 - 13 on the south side of camp and 14 - 20 on the north side of camp. As previously cautioned, it is a long trek from the tents to the main Lodge facilities, which could be a problem for some travelers. Due to the location next to the Grumeti River, hippo and buffalo frequently graze the immediate area during the night. You will be escorted to and from dinner each evening to assure your safety.

The tents are massive and encompass 475 square feet of internal room space. Each tent at Migration Camp is well appointed with beautiful hardwood floors and rich furnishings including a writing desk, leather love seat, and power outlets to charge your camera or camcorder batteries. There is a small balcony at the back of each tent with two cozy rocking chairs though the views are uninspiring (with the exception of the honeymoon suite). The award winning views are from the main Lodge areas on the above hilltop. Each tent is equipped with ensuite bathrooms with running water, dual washbasins, toilet, shower and even a hairdryer. The water is solar heated but there is a backup system that can be engaged to assure that there is always plenty of hot water. Water is as always the most precious commodity so please try to conserve where possible.

The Migration Camp honeymoon suite is truly magnificent. It is set further back from the river and partially up a hill allowing for beautiful views. The floor plan of the tent is very similar to the other wonderful tents, but the notable differences are the large private deck and private Jacuzzi tucked against the hill under the stars. Honeymooners receive the royal treatment and wine or champagne will adorn the Jacuzzi during the evenings.

Food and Drink

Meals at Migration Camp are superb. Wake up calls are taken the night before and coffee or tea is delivered to your tent in the morning at the predetermined time. Breakfast boxes can be arranged for early morning game drives or you can enjoy breakfast on the outside patio next to the dining tent. Breakfast consists of a mixed buffet with orders taken for eggs, omelets, bacon, toast, pancakes etc. The buffet consists of yogurt, nuts, cereal, breads, fruit and juice. Similarly to breakfast, you have your choice of dining in for lunch or enjoying a lunch box if you plan a full day adventure game drive. The choice is yours - this is YOUR private safari, after all!

Dinner is a sumptuous four courses with the main course being a choice of either chicken or beef or pasta. Dinners are on a 7-day rotation at Migration Camp ensuring each night you will enjoy a unique and delicious meal.

All drinks including soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits are included in our safari packages at Migration Camp.

Special Features

  • Private game drives into the most remote corners of the Serengeti National Park
  • Mara River full day adventure game drive with a walking safari option
  • Picnic lunches
  • Bush dinners
  • Sundowners
  • Singing hippos
  • 24 hour electricity
  • Swimming Pool
  • Magnificent game viewing deck
  • Complimentary laundry service is included in your safari package
  • All beverages including soft drinks, beer, house wine, and spirits are included in your safari package