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Safari Testimonials

We wanted to thank you so much for planning the trip of a lifetime for us. This was our first safari and it was difficult for us to plan a trip like this without some trepidation. Any fears we may have had were completely unfounded. Everything worked out great!

After spending about 24 hours traveling, it was great to find William waiting for us in the arrival hall. He had us in our hotel room in less than 1/2 hour. No passport control, no immigration, no customs.

The next day we got to meet our guide, Christopher. He was such an integral part of making the trip a success. It is truly hard to believe there could be anyone better than him. Besides being an expert in his knowledge of the parks, animals, etc, he is extremely personable, outgoing, happy to discuss his culture, and inquisitive about ours. The time spent searching for the animals was spent in insightful conversation. Never a dull moment!

The trip was one highlight after another. It's hard to list just a few, but we'll try.

  • The animals, the animals, the animals.
  • Seeing all the cats up close and personal.
  • The lack of crowds. Most often we were the only ones in the area we were exploring.
  • Visiting the Maasai village and joining in the jumping dance. I think they were impressed with how high Jordan could jump.
  • Sitting around the campfire with the Maasai at Olduvai Camp. Once the ice was broken, the conversation was fascinating.
  • Having a picnic breakfast in the Crater, looking over our shoulders, and seeing a huge elephant no more than 15 feet away. How does something that big sneak up on you?
  • Christopher ushered us quickly into the land cruiser and all was well.
  • Having a vervet monkey sneak up and steal part of Mary's lunch.
  • Having the staff at the Africa Dream Safaris private luxury camp sing "Jambo Bwana" on our last night and presenting us with a freshly baked cake.
  • The romantic dinner served in front of the fireplace in our room at the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge.
  • The insight into the Tanzanian culture we got on our last day when we visited a traditional health clinic and a couple of schools in Arusha.

Well...we guess that's the top ten list but it could go on much longer. Once again, our thanks for a wonderful safari. Please feel free to give our number or email address to anyone as a reference.

Jordan and Mary B.
Port St. Lucie, FL