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Satellite And Cell Phones

A 3 rectangular pin UK plug adapter (pictured below) is required to use electrical appliances including video cameras, digital cameras, battery chargers, etc.. Please note that Tanzania electrical sockets are identical to those found in the United Kingdom. The 3 rectangular pin UK plug adapter is placed onto your appliance plug so that it will fit into the 3 rectangular pin electrical sockets. You may wish to consider bringing along a multiple outlet device (a.k.a. 3-way splitter) to plug into the adapter, allowing charging of more than one battery or device at a time.

The electrical voltage in Tanzania is 220V while the electrical voltage in the United States is 120V. If you have a dual voltage appliance or a universal power supply capable of operating safely with either 120V or 220V, all you will need is the plug adapter mentioned above. Most newer laptops, digital cameras and video cameras come equipped with a dual voltage power supply. Check to make sure that the input reads 100V – 240V or 120V – 240V.

If you do not have a dual voltage power supply, then in addition to the plug adapter, you will need to purchase a transformer/converter.

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Please be aware that many of the lodges in Tanzania do not operate their electricity generators 24 hours a day. Some lodges turn off their generators after dinner until just before dawn. Please inquire upon arrival at each lodge as policies differ widely. It is always a good idea to be prepared with one or two extra batteries for digital cameras, camcorders and laptops.

Guests can charge their camera or video batteries directly in the vehicle. There are sockets in every vehicle BUT an inverter as described below or something similar is required. This one below called the Enercell 350 watt power inverter can charge batteries and is rated high enough for a lap top. It also has a USB so it can charge iphones, ipods, etc. too. Enercell™ 350W High-Power Inverter with USB:

*NOTE: To view a chart of amenities for the most commonly visited lodges, view the Lodge Amenties Checklist which outlines which accommodations supply hair dryers, internet and 24 hour electricity.

The following lodges have wifi: Bilila Lodge, Mountain Village Lodge, Arusha Coffee Lodge, Lake Duluti Lodge, Ngorongoro Manor and Mbuzi Mawe Tented Lodge. There is a also a high speed internet cafe in the town of Karatu, which is on the road between the Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara.