Private Safari Advantage

Are you interested in seeing Lions? Leopards? Cheetahs? Maybe it is your dream to experience the legendary Wildebeest Migration, or you want to photograph Elephants at sunrise. Maybe your favorite animal is the Giraffe or Zebra, or you just can't wait to see the rare black Rhino in its natural habitat. Maybe you are more interested in viewing different species of birds. It may sound rather obvious, but one thing we've found from our many years of experience in this industry is that different people are all interested in different things. This of course is a simple fact of life, and it doesn't become a problem until these different interests start competing with one another on a group safari.

One person might be set on photographing a Lilac Breasted Roller perched demurely on a branch in the perfect light, while another person is anxious to follow that pride of lionesses getting ready to hunt. One person might want to leave the lodge before sunrise to see animals in their more active states, while another party wants to enjoy a hearty breakfast at the lodge. The unfortunate result of trying to force different priorities into the same agenda is often disappointment by one or more parties. With a private safari, the risk of compromising your once-in-a-lifetime-trip to accommodate the once-in-a-lifetime-trip planned by somebody else is effectively eliminated.

Choose Your Own Travel Style

Posh lodges or moderate hotels? Opulent permanent tented camps or real camping, luxury style? You may choose the style of accommodations based on your specific interests and budget. As we work together to design your perfect itinerary, our staff will help guide you to choose appropriate accommodations. No matter the style of accommodations or season of travel, all of our trips are adventurous, educational and safe.

Do you have a preference on what time of year you wish to travel? How many days can you spend? One of the most commonly asked questions by our first time clients is "what time of year is the best time to go on safari?" The answer to this question lies hidden in your interests, time constraints and budget - and we'll help you find it. With our expert knowledge of the different regions and wildlife habits, we'll also assist in guiding you to the optimum locations that will maximize your game viewing opportunities no matter what season you decide to travel.

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