Vehicle Specifications

Africa Dream Safaris maintains a fleet of specially outfitted 4-wheel drive Stretched Land Cruisers providing for maximum flexibility, comfort, and wildlife viewing. Your private safari includes exclusive use of this vehicle with no mileage restrictions and unlimited game drives for the duration of your safari. Our spacious Stretched Land Cruisers are the most ideal safari vehicle and come equipped with a total of nine seats with seven of those seats in the back under the canvas top. Our canvas convertible tops allow you to view wildlife with the fewest imposed constraints and in the most open and raw format possible.

Canvas Tops

We do not employ mini-vans or other less capable vehicles. As discussed, all our vehicles have a canvas top, which can be rolled back completely so that you may game view standing from any of the seats. There is nothing like the feeling of freedom you get when exploring the secluded wilderness, surrounded by expansive views of vast horizons, underneath the unobstructed dome of a brilliant blue sky. So roll the top back, feel the breeze on your face and get ready for an unparalleled game viewing experience!

For these reasons and more we do not employ 'pop up top' vehicles or vehicles with 'roof hatches'. We strongly believe that a convertible canvas top provides the best possible game viewing experience and is much more enjoyable then game viewing in a vehicle with a 'pop up top'. Pop up tops tend to inhibit your freedom and obstruct your views, especially with regards to some of the more spectacular sightings whether it be a leopard in a tree or a pride of lions resting on top of a kopje. Roof hatches also impede your comfort when game viewing as the narrow hatch restricts your movement. In contrast to these less favorable options, our canvas convertible tops allow you to view wildlife with the fewest imposed constraints and in the most open and raw format possible.

Please note that our convertible canvas tops do have one significant disadvantage in that you will be completely exposed when game viewing. Accordingly, it is critical that you wear a hat and apply sun block frequently to all exposed areas. You may roll back the canvas top half way in order to provide shade for the first set of seats and sun for the back seats. Please do not hesitate to ask your driver guide to roll the top back up partially.

Retractable sun shades (not a pop up top) are available starting in 2014. If you are particularly sensitive to the sun, please contact your safari consultant to request your vehicle be equipped with a retractable sun shade.

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