Your Safety First

Safety for our guests is hands down our #1 priority here at Africa Dream Safaris! We have offices both in the U.S. and Tanzania to support all segments of your trip, and all safaris are 100% escorted and chauffeured from arrival to departure. Every vehicle is equipped with a long distance radio. These radios are used for communication between other driver-guides for game reports and with our main operational office in Arusha. If there is any problem on safari, your driver-guide can immediately handle the situation as he is trained and has the experience to handle any problem. He also can use his long distance radio to communicate with our operational office in Arusha.

As part of our standard procedure, we also lend all our families or groups a "local" Tanzanian company cell phone during their time in Tanzania so they have a way to contact our staff in the event of an emergency. The phone comes pre-loaded with approx $10 worth of "time", which is plenty of credit to make a few calls within Tanzania. The lodges and camps each have guards that watch over the property at night, and whistles or radios in the tents to get a guard's attention if you have any urgent concern.

Also, Tanzania is a just a VERY safe place to visit! Although many of the people in Tanzania still live a very simple life in rural villages and may not have a lot in the way of material possessions, Tanzania is inherently a very PEACEFUL country. The local Tanzanian people are extremely gracious, polite, conservative and just a wonderful culture overall. Guests are always overwhelmed with the warm smiles and general hospitality that immediately envelops them upon arrival, and just seems inherent to the local people of Tanzania in general. You will see!

Vehicle Reliability

This is something we take very seriously. Each vehicle gets regular service and inspections, and preventative maintenance might as well be our middle name as we go well above and beyond and spare no expense (with great consistency it's much easier and less expensive to prevent a problem than to fix one!) Each vehicle gets fully inspected and serviced by our team of experienced mechanics after each safari, and it is an intensive inspection/service! The occasional breakdown or flat tire does still occur, as driving in the bush is much (much) harder on vehicles than driving on paved roads. But our driver guides are all well trained and well equipped to handle breakdowns that do occur while you are in the bush, and if a vehicle cannot be repaired quickly, we do have an entire fleet of vehicles on standby to replace it.

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