Together We Can Make a Difference

Thank you for your interest in an epic journey through Tanzania with us! The beauty of this amazing country is not only reflected in its natural resources but also in the graciousness of the local people. We are certain you will be moved by both.

In appreciation for all the beauty and inspiration Tanzania has given us, it is time to GIVE BACK. It is our privilege to support several humanitarian projects and conservation efforts that have a positive impact the lives of the local people and wildlife in real, tangible ways. As a direct result of our efforts, children have gotten the basic medical attention they needed to survive and a proper education to rise above otherwise hopeless circumstances; more precious animals, some critically endangered, now have a real chance at sustained survival in the wild where they belong.

Our main sponsorship projects to date including the Foundation for African Medicine and Education, Serengeti Lion Conservation, Serengeti Cheetah Conservation, Poli Village School and the Peace House Orphanage. Sustained focus on these projects has resulted in real, lasting success. In addition to continuing our support of these efforts, we also hope to participate in many more such projects in the future!

By choosing Africa Dream Safaris, you will have effectively partnered with our front-line efforts to improve the lives of the local people and conserve the precious wildlife that make their home here. And it is WORKING! We'd be so grateful to have you on our team moving forward. Together, we can continue to make a real difference!

"The service we render to others is really the rent we pay for our room on this earth. It is obvious that man is himself a traveler; that the purpose of this world is not 'to have and to hold' but 'to give and serve." Sir Wilfred T. Grinfell