POLI Village School

Poli is a traditional Tanzanian village within the Usa River (pronounced "Oosa") district and is close in proximity to the local offices of Africa Dream Safaris. Support and sponsorship by Africa Dream Safaris helps Poli Village provide an invaluable education for the over 300 young children that call Poli their home.

Fighting Poverty Through Education

The power of a good education offers real hope to elevate these children and their families above circumstances of poverty. The children here are eager to learn, but the dedicated teachers at the Poli village primary school must work long, tiring hours in over-crowded classrooms and with limited supplies. Through community work and donations of cash and supplies, we at Africa Dream Safaris hope to provide the fundamental resources to ensure that each student has the tools and resources to develop to their full potential.

Give Back

Many of our guests are extremely moved by their experience in Africa, not only by the beautiful natural resources but also the graciousness of the culture. Generally speaking Tanzanian people are bright, eager to learn and inherently happy, even in circumstances of extreme poverty. A consistently recurring question from returning clients is how to "give back" and make a tangible difference in the lives of real Tanzanian people. Herein lies just such an opportunity, and we invite you to participate if you feel called to do so as Poli Village is still in dire need for adequate supplies to support their school. Some items you may wish to consider bringing with you to Africa include pens, crayons, exercise books, composition/spiral books, small backpacks, coloring books, colored markers, chalk, chalk board, age appropriate novels, and rulers.

If you bring school supplies with you, we recommend distributing them among your regular clothes and luggage to reduce the chance of being asked by Customs to pay duty. Alternatively you may wish to donate towards the purchase of curriculum specific materials or classroom items such an overhead projector. You can rest assured that Africa Dream Safaris takes great care in making sure your gift is put directly to work right here in the village. Regardless, please see below for a description of our Poli Village excursion, which can be conducted with an Arusha layover or on the last day of your safari if departing on the late night KLM flight. ADS will donate $30 per person directly to the Poli Village primary school for every guest conducting the Poli village tour described below.

Available only to Africa Dream Safaris clients, our Poli Village excursion takes you to a traditional village in Arusha. For guests who wish to visit a non-touristy village and learn more about the culture and life of most Tanzanians, this 2-hour excursion to the nearby village of Poli will be a highlight of your trip.


Located at an altitude of 3,900 feet above sea-level, Poli boasts beautiful views that would be the envy of many resort properties. Curious giggling children will welcome you as will the Chairman or Mayor of the village. You might meet at the site of the village council "office" - a shady area underneath a large century old tree - that has been the traditional village office for countless years. The Mayor will share how a village of this size is managed along with the day-to-day issues and challenges such as water, electric and medical supplies. Site visits will include the primary school, clinic, courthouse and the village offices. This tour is usually a highlight for clients seeking cultural interactions and insight into the life of most Tanzanians.