Wildlife Viewing Maximized

We realize that one of the most important factors for a successful safari lies in the number and quality of wildlife encounters. All our safari itineraries are strategically designed on a monthly basis to take advantage of seasonal wildlife concentrations, and all safaris incorporate specific game drives to witness the great Wildebeest Migration. With our all day game drives, signature fly-in/drive out itineraries, special park permits, and our unparalleled experience and understanding of the animals, you will be assured the finest wildlife viewing opportunities available.

Isolated Wilderness

Many companies shuffle their clients only through the most heavily trafficked areas on the normal "safari circuit" - but we will take you deep into the isolated wilderness where these packaged tour companies don't go! With Africa Dream Safaris, you will maximize your wildlife sightings by including 'bush' meals and game driving at those times when the package tours are having their 'buffet' meals back at the lodge.

Migratory Behavior

The amazing abundance of wildlife in Tanzania is due to the adaptation of many species of animals to a migratory existence. Due to this migratory behavior of many animals, some areas will be prolific with animals in one month and almost devoid of life in another. We understand these wildlife patterns and all of our itineraries are tailored to the specific month of travel to facilitate the most optimal game viewing conditions. By putting you in the right areas at the right times, you will be assured superb wildlife viewing. This is our specialty, which enables us to provide you with amazing encounters with the most sought after animals including lion, leopard, elephant, cheetah, rhinoceros, giraffe and the great wildebeest migration.

How do we maximize your wildlife viewing?

  • Professional Driver Guides - On safari you will receive complete and focused attention by your professional driver-guide, with the expert knowledge and skill required to make sure you have the trip of a lifetime. Local to Tanzania yet fluent in English, your guide will be well educated about the local wildlife and culture. He will know all the secret spots to optimize your game viewing and help to avoid the crowds of other travelers from the packaged tour groups. ( Driver Guide Details )
  • Unlimited Game Drives - Each safari offers unlimited game drives with no mileage restrictions and exclusive access to the most secluded and wildlife abundant areas in Tanzania. If you feel adventurous, we'll pack picnics and remain out on safari all day! (most other companies operate shorter, limited game drives and never end up making it far from the lodge - or the other tourists.)
  • Sunrise Safaris -We offer early morning (before sunrise) game drives to witness the predators in action and also the herbivores in more active states. The early morning game drives allow for better photography, less vehicle concentrations, cooler conditions and, in general, more action. We'll pack a picnic breakfast to enjoy in the pristine ambience of the bush. Africa is pure magic in the light of early morning.
  • Signature "Fly In - Drive Out Itineraries" - The best way to begin your safari is to skip long vehicle transfers and instead take a short flight into the middle of the action - right away! On your very first day on safari, we will fly you into the majestic Serengeti to witness this famous park's teeming wildlife firsthand.

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