Peace House Orphanage

By 2010, an estimated 20 million children under the age of 15 will have lost one or both parents to AIDS. Without parents to support them, many children are often forced to abandon school. Without an education, orphans face a bleak future with little hope. A survey of over 400 households with orphans in Tanzania reported that almost 40% could not cover even basic expenses. The most common difficulty was covering school fees, including those for materials and uniforms.

Proud Sponsor

Africa Dream Safaris is proud to be a major sponsor of the Peace House, a charitable organization that was founded to help AIDS orphans in Arusha, Tanzania. Monthly donations by Africa Dream Safaris help the Peace House provide vulnerable children with the opportunity to receive a quality education in a nurturing environment. Financial support by African Dream Safaris focuses on the Peace House School, which is a unique boarding school for over 240 AIDS orphans.

Peace House is a U.S. based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. In the spirit of giving hope, Peace House is creating a brighter future for Africa's orphans, vulnerable children and their communities through nurturing care, dynamic education, technology research and business development. The Peace House Boarding School for Aids orphans was opened in 2007 and is located on land donated by the government of Tanzania. Courses and activities at the Peace House School will include a focus on creative problem solving and entrepreneurial business development skills. A key goal is for Peace House School graduates is to become job creators - young people who can build a sustainable future for Tanzania.

Give Back

Many of our guests are extremely moved by their experience in Africa, not only by the beautiful natural resources but also the graciousness of the culture. Generally speaking Tanzanian people are bright, eager to learn and inherently happy, even in circumstances of extreme poverty. A consistently recurring question from returning clients is how to "give back" and make a tangible difference in the lives of real Tanzanian people. Herein lies just such an opportunity, and we invite you to participate if you feel called to do so as the Peace House is still in dire need for adequate supplies to support their school. Please see the Peace House's wish list below.

If you bring supplies with you, we recommend distributing them among your regular clothes and luggage to reduce the change of being asked by Customs to pay duty. Alternatively you may wish to donate towards the purchase of curriculum specific materials or classroom items such an overhead projector. You can rest assured that Africa Dream Safaris takes great care in making sure your gift is put directly to work. Guests travelling with Africa Dream Safaris are welcome to tour the facilities at Peace House. This excursion can be conducted with an Arusha layover or on the last day of your safari if departing on the late night KLM flight.

Peace House Wish List


    * Notebooks * Pens * Overhead projector * Ruler * Novels (Age appropriate (pre-teen) / topic appropriate) * Back packs * Colored pencils

Sports including (Rugby, Soccer & Volleyball)

    * Balls * Jerseys (all sizes) * Shin guards * Athletic socks (all sizes) * Athletic shoes (all sizes)


    * First aid kit * Blood pressure machines * Digital thermometers * Medicines (over-the-counter) for common illnesses - cold, cough


    * Wireless microphone * Keyboard * Guitar * Trumpets * Radio * Tape recorder


    * Uniforms for Acrobat Club * Uniforms for athletics/running * Uniforms for Choir * Sewing machine * Fabric for Sewing Club * Kitchen utensils (frying pans, blenders, etc) * Swimming suits (for boys & girls)


    * Clothing (boys & girls, new or gently used, all sizes) * Shoes/ black leather (boys & girls, all sizes) * Towels * Blankets (twin)

General Needs

    * Laptop(s) * Digital camera * Overhead projector * Printer


    * Good quality contact paper (acid free adhesive if possible) * World globe * Word games including, Boggle, Scrabble, Quibbler, etc. * Word books including word search, cross word puzzles, logic, etc. * Jig-saw puzzles - preferably of maps, countries, famous paintings, etc. * Books on tape (we don't have a tape player yet!! But we will sometime) * Educational DVDs and Videos