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Tanzania hosts some of the last untouched places left on this planet. It is a place of vast horizons and untamed wilderness; a place of breathtaking beauty and humbling majesty. You can easily lose yourself its sweeping vistas, endless blue skies, and timeless rhythms.

Tranquil yet raw, primitive yet serene - there is hardly any other place like it left on earth. The sights, smells and sounds of this place are completely unique, and may be totally different from anything you've ever experienced before. All the stale routines or nagging worries back home will undoubtedly begin to fade to distant memory, and quintessential Africa will captivate your senses with new vibrancy.

You will lose all track of time as the sun rises and sets over the Serengeti plains. You will listen without words to the deafening chorus of grunts and the pounding of hooves as thousands of migratory wildebeest and zebra thunder past your vehicle.

You will get chills as you gaze into the luminous eyes of a wild lion in his natural habitat (from the safety of your vehicle of course!) The seclusion is magical and the solitude is an inspiration to the soul. Sharing the authentic richness of Tanzania with a spouse, friends or family can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your lifetime.

Why choose Tanzania?

  • Unparalleled concentrations of wildlife - there is no African country that can compete with the sheer number and density of wild animals in Tanzania; these include lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, elephant, giraffe, rhino, hippo, impala, hartebeest, eland, Thompson gazelle, baboon, vervet and blue monkeys, as well as many birds and other smaller animals.
  • Home to the Great Migration - over a million wildebeest and zebra sweep through the Serengeti plains in search of food and water in a timeless cycle.
  • More National Parks than any other African country - including two of the most renowned wildlife parks in the entire world - the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater.
  • Undiscovered and untamed wilderness with relatively few tourists - Tanzania offers a truly unique and authentic safari experience that other African countries just can't offer - not anymore.
  • Politically stable and safe - gracious people and little crime.
  • The sunny climate and high elevation of north Tanzania - this ensures that you have comfortable, spring-like temperatures for wildlife viewing year round, as opposed to many lower lying areas in Africa that can get very hot and muggy.
  • Spectacular and varied scenery - imagine sweeping grasslands teeming with animals and granite kopjes baking in the sunshine; imagine glittering soda lakes covered in pink flamingos and collapsed volcanoes that look like a set from Jurassic Park; imagine towering mountains and endless blue skies - it is hard to believe that one country hosts such an incredible variety of habitats.

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