Why We're Different

Private Vehicles: No mixed groups, no competing for views with strangers, and no conflicting interests. With Africa Dream Safaris, you will enjoy the exclusive use of a private vehicle providing for maximum flexibility, comfort and wildlife viewing. ( Vehicle Specifications )

Tanzania Specialists: We have chosen to specialize in Tanzania, which makes us experts in the local wildlife and regions, and allows us to create a special and unique experience for our clients (as opposed to other "generalist" companies offering standard tours to many different African countries).

Adventure Game Drives: Many companies shuffle their clients only through the most heavily trafficked areas on the normal "safari circuit" - but we will take you deep into the isolated wilderness where these packaged tour companies don't go!

Sunrise Safaris: We offer early morning (before sunrise) game drives to witness the predators in action and also the herbivores in more active states. We'll pack a picnic breakfast to enjoy in the pristine ambience of the bush while the package tours are having their 'buffet' meals back at the lodge.

Signature "Fly In - Drive Out Itineraries": The best way to begin your safari is to skip long vehicle transfers and instead take a short flight into the middle of the action - right away! On your very first day on safari, we will fly you into the majestic Serengeti to witness this famous park's teeming wildlife firsthand.

Unlimited Game Drives: Each safari offers unlimited game drives with no mileage restrictions and exclusive access to the most secluded and wildlife abundant areas in Tanzania. Most other companies operate shorter, limited game drives and never end up making it far from the lodge - or the other tourists.

Flexible Travel: By choosing Africa Dream Safaris, you have the luxury of setting your own agenda (with our help) and you won't be shuffled through the rigid itineraries and fixed timetables that other companies often require you to adhere to. ( Flexible Travel & Payment Details )

VIP Visa Service: We offer VIP Tanzania Visa services, making your arrival to East Africa easy and efficient. With Africa Dream Safaris you'll skip the long lines. Watch our VIP Experience Video ›

Wildlife Viewing Maximized: All our itineraries are strategically designed on a monthly basis to take advantage of seasonal wildlife concentrations, and all safaris incorporate specific game drives to witness the great Wildebeest Migration. ( Wildlife Viewing Details )

Variety of Activities: Choose from a large selection of unique optional activities including authentic cultural tours, scenic flights, field talks, balloon safaris, bush picnics and walking safaris. ( Trip Enhancements ) Watch our Cultural Tours and Excursions Video ›

Personalized Experience: You are in complete control of when, where and how long you game drive, what animals you look for, how long you stay at each sighting and when you return - it's all up to you.( Personalized Itinerary Details )

Professional Driver Guides: On safari you will receive complete and focused attention by your professional driver-guide, with the expert knowledge and skill required to make sure you have the trip of a lifetime. ( Driver Guide Details )

Safety: Your safety is of ultimate importance, as well as your comfort and peace of mind. We have offices both in the U.S. and Tanzania to support all segments of your trip, and all safaris are 100% escorted and chauffeured from arrival to departure.

Credibility: We are fully accredited in both the U.S. and Tanzania with memberships in the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators, Tanzania Tourist Board and are proud to hold an extremely high 'A+' company rating with the Better Business Bureau's Reliability Program. We hold a Class 'A' tourism license to conduct safaris in Tanzania.

Welcome Package: Upon your booking, a detailed welcome package will be mailed to your residence which will contain your confirmed itinerary, national park and wildlife information, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater ecosystem map, ADS safari shirts, ADS safari hats, luggage tags as well as the comprehensive ADS handbook, a 100-page information guide (includes packing and reading lists, weather and safety information, health and travel recommendations, useful safari tips, wildlife checklists, etc) to ensure that you are 100% prepared for your safari.

Binoculars: A pair of high quality binoculars are provided for each person while on safari. Other companies may provide binoculars, but you will have to share. At Africa Dream Safaris we know you'll want your own pair when the action occurs!

The Ultimate Safari Destination: Tanzania boasts unparalleled concentrations of wildlife - there is no country that can compete with the sheer number and density of wild animals. Tanzania is home to the great migration and more national parks than any other African county - including two of the most renowned wildlife parks in the entire world. It is also a politically stable and safe country with gracious people and little crime.

Unsurpassed Service: We are committed to provide you with an unsurpassed level of service. Our passion, commitment, and expertise are what set us apart.

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