Foundation for African Medicine & Education

Tanzania is among the 50 poorest countries in the world. Poverty at this level means little or no access to reliable diagnostic and medical care, particularly in rural areas. High child and maternal mortality rates plague the country. An estimated 1 out of 9 Tanzanian children die before their 5th birthday. Sadly their deaths are often the result of preventable or treatable diseases, including malaria, diarrheal disease, acute respiratory infections, low-birth weight and AIDS.

Proud Sponsor

Africa Dream Safaris is proud to be a major sponsor of the Foundation for African Medicine and Education (F.A.M.E.), a charitable organization that was founded to provide quality medical care to the local people living in rural Tanzania. Monthly donations by Africa Dream Safaris help F.A.M.E. provide invaluable medical care to people living in the District of Karatu, a rural region between Lake Manyara National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater.

Humanitarian Award

Africa Dream Safaris was honored with the Humanitarian Award specifically because of our work with F.A.M.E. This prestigious award is presented by the Minister of Tourism in conjunction with the Tanzania Tourist Board. All guests traveling with Africa Dream Safaris are invited to stop by the F.A.M.E. facility in Karatu for a brief tour and presentation and learn more about how Africa Dream Safaris is making a real difference in the lives of local Tanzanians.


Dr. Frank Artress and his wife, Susan Gustafson, from the United States, founded F.A.M.E. in 2002. F.A.M.E. was created to help bridge the gap between a critically under-resourced health care system and first world medicine. Frank and Susan live and work in Tanzania, overseeing the day-to-day operations of various projects. These have included construction and operation of an Outpatient Clinic in Karatu and the operation of a Mobile Medical Service in very remote locations in the region. Despite a major shortage of healthcare workers in the country, particularly in rural areas, F.A.M.E employs an exceptional all Tanzanian medical team. They also make it a priority to provide doctors and nurses with the medical resources and support (i.e. supplies, medications, opportunities for continuing medical education, etc.) they need to effectively care for their patients.


F.A.M.E activities have been entirely financed by private donations and grants in the United States. Current fundraising activities are focused on meeting operational expenses for the Outpatient Clinic and Mobile Medical Service, purchasing laboratory equipment that will provide more comprehensive diagnostic services, and completing the next phase of the medical project which involves expanding the existing Outpatient Clinic into a small hospital. The facility will include 12 inpatient beds and a major and minor Operating Room.

Quote from Founder Susan Gustafson

"For us, ADS is a shining star in the tourism industry. With what ADS has donated this year alone, FAME Medical can purchase enough medicine to treat 2700 children diagnosed with pneumonia. This is a company that sees the a[euro]oebig picturea[euro] a[euro]" the importance of providing clients with an awe inspiring wildlife experience, while at the same time making a very tangible difference in the day-to-day lives of the Tanzanian people." - Susan Gustafson, founder of Foundation for African Medicine and Education