Our Photographic Ambassador

Hi. My name is Jeff Smith and I am a professional photographer / cinematographer based in the United States. When I am not shooting motion picture footage for my production company, you can usually find me in some remote part of the world with a still camera in my hand chasing wildlife. I am also a professional wildlife photographer... and today... I am your Photo Concierge of sorts.

Congratulations, you have chosen perhaps the most amazing location on planet earth with regards to wildlife photography. And likewise, perhaps the best company to navigate you through it. You will be riding in the same vehicles world famous photographers use, guided by the same guides they use. Myself, I have spent hundreds of hours traveling the Serengeti with Africa Dreams Safaris. I have experienced just about everything you can imagine with regards to photographing in this wonderful place and the animals that live here.

The Serengeti is a long way from Main Street , USA. My goal is to make sure you arrive photographically prepared. I don't want you to leave anything behind and I can help you dodge unexpected photographic surprises. Trust me and you'll come back with epic photographs that your friends and family alike will be amazed by. (Well, actually that will happen regardless.)

In this section, you will find a series of articles that will answer many of your photographic questions. Questions every photographer and every tourist has, regardless of their skill level. These are questions I myself had when I went to Tanzania for the first time.

Feel free to click the 'ASK JEFF' button at the end of each section for specific questions you might have unique to your camera, lens, and equipment setup. Once you hit send, through the magic of the internet, it will track me down and I will answer usually within 24 hours.

Here we go!

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