Corrupt Memory Cards

On occasion, media cards can corrupt. They are not flawless. If this happens you will probably find out about it by your camera giving you some kind of error message telling you that your card is full (when you know it is not), or not allowing you to view any images when you try to play them back. Or, it could say that your card needs to be formatted or initialized... even though you already did this before you started using it.

If this happens to you, it can be sickening. Immediately you feel like you have lost all of those pictures from the day or moments before. But don't worry, this is usually not the case. Often, when you get an error message like what I mentioned above it's because ONE image on the card is corrupt, not all of them. But the camera thinks they are all corrupt so it loses its mind. Set that card aside and take it back to the States. Don't erase or reformat it. Use a new one instead. There are programs available that can save your images, at least the non corrupt ones. And even if you are not that computer savvy, the 14 year old kid who lives down the street from you probably is. Or you can always consult YouTube or Google. Ha, or hit the "ASK JEFF" button.

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