Drones In The Serengeti

Short story. No.

My story... I took one, got caught and got in trouble. Some money exchanged hands along with a few bottles of expensive wine and we got off the hook. We were lucky.

It makes sense really. The poachers are using drones to find the animals they want to poach. By outlawing these it takes a weapon out of the hands of the poachers. Besides, the drones scare the animals. They stampede and that can lead to injuries. If an animal gets injured in the Serengeti they will be dead by the next day. So don't be that guy. I know, I know, but they're so cool! They are, but leave those shots to Geo and the BBC who get expensive permits, special permission and strict supervision. Leave yours at home. You can even lose it at the airport. You'll get caught. Even some of the lodge workers will turn you in. Plus, I recently heard the rangers now have access to Drone Guns. They can take a drone down quickly and you're not running out into the bush to get it unless you can run faster than a lion.

Sorry. I was bummed too.

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