Taasa Lodge


  • Most Known For

    • Thrilling night game drives
    • Under the stars Maasai Boma dinner
    • Authentic cultural tours with the Maasai
    • Bush walks in the private game reserve
  • Activities

    Private Game Drives, Night Game Drives, Walking Safaris, Cultural Tours

  • Wildlife

    Wild Dog, Elephant, Giraffe, Lion, Leopard, Impala, Bushbaby, Klipspringer, Topi, Buffalo, Steinbok

Taasa Lodge

Get ready to experience a slice of rare wilderness few people ever will. Strategically situated just outside the northeastern edge of the Serengeti in a private game reserve, this lodge is the perfect place for an off the beaten path experience. Thrilling night game drives, off-road driving, bush walks and fascinating cultural interactions are all permitted on this private reserve. Not to mention 15 luxurious suites, exquisite food and exceptional service. It's all here!

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Lodging Overview

The green hills of Loliondo rise above tangled riverine thickets that blanket the valley below. The faintest clang of distant cow-bells drifts up through the air from a nearby Maasai village like far-away wind chimes, and the piney smell of the native Lantana plant wafts gently on the same breeze. Indigenous mica rock glitters like a million spilled jewels in the sunlight that sweeps across the granite escarpment. This magical setting is the stunning platform for a newly emerged star of the North Serengeti - Taasa Lodge|!

Making its grand debut in 2010, Taasa Lodge| is a permanent tented lodge featuring 15 luxurious guest suites, as well as substantial main lodge facilities including a dining room, bar, lounge and campfire terrace.Taasa Lodge| serves as an excellent base for game driving some of the most beautiful and remote areas of the North Serengeti. But Taasa Lodge| is especially unique because of the additional activities this venue offers in addition to the usual game-viewing. This venue also offers authentic cultural interactions with the local Maasai tribe, walking safaris in the bush, and the thrill of night game drives. Not to mention luxurious accommodations, exquisite food and exceptional service. It's all here!

The property is perched at an elevation of 6,000 feet on the gently sloping escarpment of Loliondo hill and offers stunning views into the valley below. There is an elevated outlook point just a short walk up the hill from the main lodge where guests can sip their favorite drink around a blazing campfire as the sun sets over a distant bluff to the west.

  • Bush Walks (a.k.a. Walking Safaris) Escorted bush walks are allowed in the Loliondo region, and can be tailored to a guest's personal preferences for long or short, strenuous or leisurely. The hills of the Loliondo area are extremely scenic, and it is very rewarding to walk up and enjoy the gorgeous vistas. Bush walks allow guests to appreciate some of the more subtle details and see "the bush" from a unique perspective including plants, trees and the role of smaller animals on the land. (Learn More)
  • Cultural Interactions at Taasa Lodge offers support to a local Maasai community in the Loliondo region and actually employs several of the Maasai residents as part of their staff. Guests are able to visit an authentic Maasai Village and witness their traditional style of living first-hand. The Maasai are delighted to show guests how they live as well as showcase their dancing and singing traditions. (Learn More)
  • Night Game Drives at Taasa Lodge employs a unique open-sided safari vehicle which can be used in the periphery of the park. The vehicle is equipped with a special "spotter" seat at the front of the vehicle as well as a spot light. After dinner guests may choose to participate in a night game drive here! Night here is another world altogether, an alien landscape waxed in silver moonlight. Ghosts of hippos emerge from the rivers, giant shapes of elephants melt into and out of clearings like silent battleships passing in the night, and the throb of lion roaring pierces the chilly black. Keep an eye out for eyes shining back at you from the spotlight, and watch for nocturnal creatures you won't likely find out during the day, like bush babies and porcupines.(Learn More)
  • Sundowners Before Dinner, you may choose to enjoy a "Sundowner" which is offered prior to dinner, an opportunity to enjoy your favorite beverage and enjoy hors d'oeuvres while watching the sun set over the Serengeti from a special vantage point. Often the Maasai staff will entertain guests with dancing as well, as they are most proud of their skills and prowess as warriors. And if a guest is lucky he or she may walk away from the experience with a unique "Maasai name" after a special tribal naming ceremony!
  • Special Family Activities The staff at Buffalo Springs has designed various fun activities for children to enhance a family safari, including shorter bush walks, opportunities to learn about the stars in the southern hemisphere and how to identify various animals tracks.(Learn More)


Taasa Lodge| (altitude 6,000 ft) is located in the Loliondo region just 2 km outside the north-eastern boundary of the Serengeti National Park. As you can imagine, the Serengeti ecosystem spills far outside the official border, and the surrounding areas are considered game concessions, conservation areas or wildlife management regions. The Loliondo region describes a huge tract of land bordering the Serengeti National Park, stretching from the northern border, along the eastern perimeter and the Gol Mountains, and all the way to the border of the southern Serengeti Plains.

The property is situated only 4 kilometers from the Klein's Ranger Post at the North Serengeti's official entry point. Since the property is situated just outside the park border, it is not subject to the same rules and regulations of the national park system and there are special activities that can be enjoyed here such as night game drives, walking safaris and authentic cultural interactions with a nearby Maasai Village.

At the same time, clients can easily game drive inside the national park enjoying all of the northern regions of the famous Serengeti, enjoying the plentiful wildlife inside the park. Another exciting benefit of staying outside the official park border is the allowance of unrestricted off-road game driving, permitting you to take your safari in any direction of your choosing, literally!

The Loliondo region is technically considered to be part of the Ngorongoro Conservation Land, but will soon have its own new designation of Loliondo Wildlife Management Corridor. This region is a vitally important area because of the migratory patterns for the herds of wildebeest and zebra that spill into this region during the dry season, and the government of Tanzania is committed to protecting and preserving these routes.


Taasa Lodge| is a permanent tented lodge featuring 15 luxurious suite tents, as well as substantial main lodge facilities including a dining room, bar, lounge and campfire terrace. The suite tents are two-levels with over 600 square feet of space. There is a charming sitting room with leather couches and comfortable armchairs, along with a writing desk. The raised bedroom features either a king or twin beds. The bathrooms have shower, tubs, two wash basins and unique mirrors and lighting. Amenities such as hairdryers, shampoo, lotion, soaps and comfortable robes are provided for each guest room.

Accommodations at Taasa Lodge| are a celebration of colors and textures! The guest bedroom floor is constructed of a smooth wooden platform that is accented by sisal area rugs. Sofas and armchairs are upholstered with rich buffalo leather, authentic cow hide, chocolate fabrics and jewel-toned jacquard. The writing desk, chair and table are a block-style design that provides contrast to the rest of the decor and creates genuine interest in the space.

Unexpected splashes of color bring vibrancy to the sophisticated decor; bright kelly-green and fuchsia accent pillows adorn the sofa and polished red gourds serve as table lampposts. Airy gauze-like drapes cover the window screens and shimmer in the Serengeti sunlight with an iridescent brilliance. The bed frames are made of recycled aluminum and accented with brilliantly colored Maasai beadwork.

The bathroom floor is covered in cream-colored tile. The bathroom sinks are made of hammered iron, elevated on concrete basins that give a trendy industrial feel to the space. The decor is further accented with eccentric light fixtures that look like gnarled timber masks that definitely bring interest to the space.

Thoughtful details such as soaps of lemon and lavender, chestnut shampoo and a refreshing safari facial mist really provide the finishing touch to an already exquisite space.

The living space spills outside with a large stone veranda situated at the entry of each guest tent, made of the same sparkling indigenous stone that that glints of mica and quartz in the surrounding hillsides.

The main lodge is constructed of wood and brick, supported by heavy wooden timbers that span the ceiling, bound with winding coils of nautical rope. Common areas consist of a large living room area, winged by a central bar to one side and an upper and lower dining room on the other side. The outside wall of the lower dining room consists of a series of French doors that open up to the outdoors and let the sunshine spill in.

Dining tables are accented by graceful centerpieces of giant kudu horns that corkscrew out on their side and serve as unique candle holders. Pieces of matching African artwork link the dining room to the main lounge and fireplace, a space appointed with rich leather sofas and armchairs. Go up a few stairs and you find yourself in the main bar and library. All areas are decorated with traditional African artifacts that are placed with thoughtful consideration to compliment the interior feel of the space.


A stay at Taasa Lodge| is usually incorporated into our signature fly-in and drive-back itineraries towards the beginning of your safari. You will most likely be arriving directly from one of the airstrips in the North Serengeti - either the Kogatende airstrip (near the Mara River), Klein's airstrip or Lobo airstrip.

Food and Drink

Breakfast consists of hot items including eggs cooked to order, pancakes, sausage and bacon. There is also a mixed cold buffet to compliment the meal including a choice of cereal, fruit, yogurt, granola, freshly baked breads and muffins. Coffee and tea are also available.

Lunch is an elegant affair, typically a lighter fare than dinner but still a hearty meal, consisting of appetizer, main course and a light dessert followed by a coffee or tea. Dinner is quite a production here at Taasa Lodge|! The evening meal consists of several delicious courses served family style including a soup or salad starter, a protein (such as baked chicken, grilled beef or casserole), vegetable (such as buttered green beans) and starch (such as cheesy potatoes), followed by a desert such as caramel flan or fresh fruit.

Breakfast boxes are available for early morning game drives and lunch boxes are also available so one can undertake full day adventure game drives. Appetizing hors d'oeuvres are often served in the main lounge in the early evening before dinner, including tasty items such as toasted coconut, buttered popcorn, cheese and crackers with pimento spread, etc. Soft drinks and bottled water are complimentary here. Beer, wine and spirits are also available but at extra cost.

Special Features

  • Sleeping accommodations consist of 15 tented guest suites and 5 tented chalets
  • Main building consists of lounge, bar, dining room, open air veranda and fire pit
  • Convenient access to Lobo
  • Valley, Upper Grumeti woodlands, Bologonja, Wogakuria and the Mara River for private game drives
  • Authentic cultural interactions with a local Maasai Village
  • Walking safaris
  • Night game drives
  • Sundowners on a bluff overlooking the valley
  • Off-road driving is permitted in the Loliondo region
  • Picnic breakfasts and lunches available
  • Hairdryer provided inside guest tents (available for use during generator hours only)
  • Electricity is provided by generator power and is only available during certain hours when the generator is running
  • Laundry service available (extra fee)
  • Bush dinners available in a replica "boma" near Sundowner Hill (extra fee)
  • Soft drinks are complimentary. A wide selection of beer, wine and spirits are available at an extra charge
  • Gift shop available at reception

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Seasonal Highlights

For the Taasa Lodge

Recommended Month to Visit

Month Season Recommended Weather Wildlife Sightings
Jan Green Season NO 60 - 85 F
Mostly sunny with few showers
- - - - -
Feb Green Season NO 60 - 85 F
Mostly sunny with few showers
- - - - -
Mar Green Season NO 60 - 83 F
Mostly sunny with few showers
- - - - -
Apr Green Season NO 60 - 83 F
Mostly sunny with few showers
- - - - -
May Northward Migration NO 56 - 81 F
Mostly sunny
- - - - -
Jun Beginning of Dry Season YES 56 - 81 F
Mostly sunny
Wildebeest Migration, Zebra Migration, Lion, Elephant, Giraffe, Impala, Buffalo, Hippo
Jul Dry Season YES 60 - 83 F
Mostly sunny
Wildebeest Migration, Zebra Migration, Lion, Elephant, Giraffe, Impala, Buffalo, Hippo
Aug Dry Season YES 55 - 81 F
Mostly sunny
Wildebeest Migration, Zebra Migration, Lion, Hyena, Elephant, Giraffe, Impala, Buffalo, Hippo
Sep Dry Season YES 55 - 81 F
Mostly sunny
Wildebeest Migration, Zebra Migration, Lion, Hyena, Elephant, Giraffe, Impala, Buffalo, Hippo
Oct Dry Season YES 60 - 83 F
Mostly sunny
Wildebeest Migration, Zebra Migration, Lion, Hyena, Elephant, Giraffe, Impala, Buffalo, Hippo
Nov Southward Migration YES 60 - 83 F
Mostly sunny with few showers
Wildebeest Migration, Zebra Migration, Lion, Hyena, Elephant, Giraffe, Impala, Buffalo, Hippo
Dec Beginning of Green Season NO 60 - 83 F
Mostly sunny with few showers
- - - - -

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