Night Game Drive


  • Summary: Experience the thrilling adventure of a night game drive!
  • Price: $0 - $50 per person
  • Duration: 1 - 2 hours
  • Location: Buffalo Tented Lodge in the Northern Serengeti/Loliondo Game Reserve or Swala Tented Lodge and Tarangire Tree Tops Tented Lodge in Tarangire National Park


Three properties in North Tanzania are permitted to conduct night game drives including Buffalo Tented Lodge, Swala Tented Lodge and Tarangire Tree Tops Tented Lodge. Each lodge employs a unique open-sided safari vehicle which can be used in the periphery of the park. The vehicle is equipped with a special "spotter" seat at the front of the vehicle as well as a spot light. Night here is another world altogether, an alien landscape waxed in silver moonlight. Ghosts of hippos emerge from the rivers, giant shapes of elephants melt into and out of clearings like silent battleships passing in the night, and the throb of lion roaring pierces the chilly black. Keep an eye out for eyes shining back at you from the spotlight, and watch for nocturnal creatures you won't likely find out during the day, like bush babies and porcupines.

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