Dust & Cleaning Equipment

Yes. It's dusty out there. Sometimes, really dusty. So come prepared. Throwing some 2 gallon ziploc bags into your camera bag is always a good idea along with a rag or two. Normally I would tell you to take a can of compressed air with you to blow off your camera and lenses periodically. But you won't be able to take that with you. Airline rules. There are a few things you can do, however. Keep your lens caps on when you are not shooting. Keep your cameras in a bag when you are not using them. Know how to clean your camera's sensor (seriously, learn this). Take a siphon ball to blow dust off. Try not to change lenses much in the field. Or if you do... do it down deep in the truck when you are not moving. Take lens cleaning fluid. Take lens cleaning cloths. You're in Africa. It's dusty. Take care of your gear. Take a bandana for your face. Again, it's dusty. End of story.

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