Weight & Packing Your Gear

Here's how this works. Most people fly from the United States to Amsterdam and then jump on a KLM flight to Kilimanjaro. It's not the only way in, but it's one of the easiest and one of the most common. Regardless of how you get over there it's a safe bet that you are probably going to be on a big jet and big jets can carry a lot of luggage. The amount of weight you can take is regulated by the airlines but you won't have a big problem with this on the way over or the way back.

When you get to Arusha, Africa Dream Safaris will put you up overnight in a hotel. It'll be about 10:30 PM by the time you get there. Get some sleep. For most safaris, probably yours, you will take another flight into the Serengeti the next morning. This will be on a Bush plane... and that's where the weight issue comes into play. Officially, you can only take 33 pounds of "stuff" with you on the Bush plane. That includes your cameras and your clothes. It's humbling. Fortunately, your "Meet & Greet" person at the airport will take and store some of the stuff you may not want to take into the Bush (like maybe the stuff you wore in Amsterdam or the case you brought your camera over in).

You're going on a photographic adventure like no other and you are going to have to make some hard choices with the photographic gear you take. But it happens every day successfully and you'll make it happen. There are a few tricks here and there. Pick and choose the things you put in your bag wisely. Once you get your stuff boiled down to the basics, if you still need advice. Hit that "ASK JEFF" button. I'm a master at packing photo gear.

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