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Private VS. Group

Africa Dream Safaris offers only "private" safaris. *Most* safari companies out there do the pre-packaged "group tours" which is a completely different type of product and is organized in a completely different way. To facilitate a "group tour", typically a pre-planned itinerary is set up on specific calendar dates and a block of rooms are booked at specific lodges on those dates, and then various people can "sign up" to join others for that tour until the designated number of spaces are filled.

While out on safari with a "group tour", strangers are shuffled together and must go along with the group's decisions despite whatever individual interests they may have. Unfortunately this almost always leads to compromise and disappointment on what is already a highly emotionally charged trip for most people. In contrast, when designing a private safari, we customize the trip based on your schedule and preferences, with our expert guidance of course to make sure you don't miss anything, and while you are out on safari you have the freedom to explore your specific interests at your pace without adhering to the whims of others. Here at Africa Dream Safaris, we don't think anyone should have to compromise on a big trip like this one, and that's the reason we do only private safaris! For more advantages to a private safari, check out the following link:

Consequently, because we focus exclusively on the "private safari" experience, our infrastructure does not lend itself well to matching couples or singles up with each other. Of course if we happen to know about another couple or family who is looking to travel with others at the same time of year as another couple or family who is looking to join others, we are happy to put them in contact with each other. But this hardly ever happens, since the majority of people who contact our company are already looking for a private safari, and the small number of folks who may be open to traveling with others will most likely have different preferences and scheduling requirements.

Also, note that companies that do group tours often own their own lodges and will propose to "fly you" between their properties, but in most cases they are only doing that because there is no other way to get you from one of their lodges to another, since you wouldn't have your own private guide and vehicle. You'd be using different guides that are employed at the various camps on shared game drives with other guests. Be extra careful with safari companies that own their own properties too... often their first priority is to utilize their own properties, which aren't always all in the best locations for the time of year you are traveling.